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My first pooch.. Everyone say hi to Geronimo

My first pooch.. Everyone say hi to Geronimo
Posted by Bruno Mars
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AomOrtonKitschCenaJackson's picture

Hi Geronimo!!! :) I love your master :)

AomOrtonKitschCenaJackson's picture

so cute :) I love you Bruno..will you marry me?

JustHooligans's picture

Hi Geronimo ♥.

jimjams13's picture

His really cute! i've got a Jack Russel called Ringo i wish he was a little puppy again!yours looks adorable!! xxx hope to see more pictures of geronimo xx

VienSofi's picture

chan jwana<3 cute :) and I aint talkin bout the pooch ;)

LindaWassenaar's picture

aaww what a cutie :3

ScarletPalacios's picture

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh <3 i love it <3 this photo is amazing you are the best:$

BTY's picture

ah eu não canso de olhar para essa foto fofooooos...

LarianeLamour's picture

Beautifful ♥

LarianeLamour's picture

hello Bruno, my nacionality is brazilian, my dream a meet you, i love you. you a beautifull kiss-kiss ♥

Sophine's picture

What breed is she? Or he? Is it mixed or pure bred? German shep? Very cute...yall look good 2gether. LOL!

hooligangella's picture

ooooooooooow! que lndo se ven bruno y geronimo :)

Rachel wood's picture

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that puppy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakkkkinnnggg cuttteeeeeeeeeeeee <<<<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333333

Beatrice Elena's picture

Dogs look like their owners isn`t?? I Love both!!!

original hooligan's picture

aww both are cute ^.< (geronimo and bruno mars)

Angélica maría's picture

I just ... always love you, but do not mind it? I'm just a fan insignificant to you. Maybe you're perfect. I love what you love, keep going

LarissaCosta's picture

ownt assim vcs me seduzem !!!

BTY's picture

queee fofuuu!!! eu qro eu qro...

Melissa_Mars❤'s picture


sextstuff97's picture

he is so adorable..hi geronimo...u should so txt me bruno 918 709 4679...<3 i love u

lizpg1991's picture

hermoso amo a los animales

JukeBoxBaby's picture

Such a cute dog and cool name.

vlasia's picture

you're so so so so so beautiful!!!! i mean you bruno (and the dog)!!!

LarissaNara's picture

ai que fofo, adoro cachorros principalmente se estiver com bruno mars

andradaP's picture

love you..

Ibe quezada's picture

Elprimer perrito siempre es muy querido....!!!

ErickOliveira's picture

que coisa mais linda esse Geronimo <3

AshantiAlexisEdwards's picture


MargaretAsmussen's picture

shonnie ll love this pic!

ratreno's picture

Best way to hold a dog, less chance of getting pee on! hehe Oh,very cute! :)