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Locked Out Of Heaven [Official Music Video]

Locked Out Of Heaven [Official Music Video]
Posted by Bruno Mars WebCrew
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on October 15 2012
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ChristineWyman's picture

You have become my favorite artist

happyfan1968's picture

That voice!! You are one fine specimen of a man, damn!! Keep'em coming babe! Much love! :)

eneida reyna calderon flores's picture


michelle_64's picture

:) <3

TomishaTaylor's picture

bruno is soo sexy. i love u bruno <3

minnieskyy's picture

his hat and his glasses make him look soo sexy XDD

original hooligan's picture

im afraid that im gonna break the repeat button :P

Lalla's picture

I Can't stop replaying this video!! Italy loves you <3

AryMontesdeoca's picture

im all for one bruno mars i heart bruno mars

KarlaMeritoM's picture

Bruno is sexy and fantastic C:

I love <3 C:

Valentinam's picture

BRUNO ??? I love you more that words can say!! <3333333

ElenaSargu's picture

amo questo cantante , e migliore....

tcantu's picture

ive heard of you bruno but not your music untill i saw you on SNL!!! locked out heaven is aaawwwsome!!! loved it! cant get the song outta my head!

LysonWBBM's picture


JamieDalCero's picture

love this song!

Nely's picture

you are amazing just the way you are....

surprisesin's picture

Amazing ! <3
My friends say they dont like you but they listen to your music every day <3 You are amazing just the way you are <3 !! :D

MarianaAsencio's picture

my favorite song...:)nice..

michelle_64's picture

<3 <3 <3

MayramMars's picture

esta increíble ♥.♥

brendaa...'s picture

i love you <3's picture


<3love it.......

diwa's picture

amazing :*

alohabruno's picture

SO AMAZING! I love it! Bruno, Phil, Eric, Jam, Kam, Phred, John, JK <3.

Isella's picture

Love the way how you're making better and better music I LOVE YOU BRUNO MARS

cmorris417's picture

Heard Locked Out Of Heaven on The Elvis Show the other morning. Lovin' and feeling the groove from the chill state of VT!

stephie229's picture

I LOVE THIS SONG/ Video!!! I heard you on the Z Morning Show and I had to see this video. I'm super EXCITED to hear your new songs and get your CD! Cant wait :)