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Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars
Posted by Bruno Mars WebCrew
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AllisonAreliTherra's picture

Lindo :3

lalmaraz2's picture


gldeniz's picture


TugceBruno's picture

So sweet :( I love youuu!!

Darlin's picture

ahhhhh Jesus Lord thank you for making this beautiful creation. You made a perfect angle that the whole world loves. With those looks, with his voice and a whole bunch of other things. The perfect angle. AMEN!!!!! <3

Valenntina's picture

cada vez más hermoso

brendaa...'s picture

i love you! <3 (:

Giovanna Cristina's picture

Once I was asked if there is perfection, I answered yes and said she has a name: Bruno Mars :)

Frida Torres Calderon's picture

OMG! A handsome guy

surprisesin's picture

Some people dont like that ! :O He isent just a very good singer but the worlds hotest and handsome guy <3