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    October 1 2010 / Bruno Mars WebCrew
    Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture

    Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

    The Bruno Mars WebCrew

Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on October 01 2010

Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

The Bruno Mars WebCrew

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jennyhernandez's picture

i'm still getting emailed :.( maybe I should just make a new email and put my account on that because it's pretty dangerous on my previous email #ItsBetterIfYouDontUnderstand

Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture

Sorry to hear that, Jenny. We will continue to look into why you are receiving these still. Can you forward a few of the emails you've been receiving from the site to please? That might help us get to the bottom of this.

Also, if you've not already tried, there should be a link that will unsubscribe you from notifications on a post by post basis that may work.

Miss Sue's picture

I'm your biggest fan since I discovered you on Ellen....I gotta tell ya that I think that you are one of the most talented guys in music today...a quad-threat no less!! Singer, writer, dancing, funny as all hell too! Not to mention fine lookin, a real sweetheart, and a personality to match ....relax, I'm not a stalker! but I'm watching you and wanna see more......good luck in all you do....Sue

A really nice girl's picture

Hi Bruno, I know you'll never read that but anyway we love you and we trust in you and we can't wait for your album :) thank you for being so amazing <3
The website is so cool, I absolutley love it :)
Greetings from Germany

LisaMars's picture

I love your website !! :D I loe ve you Bruno Mars ^^ I'm from France ;) (come back please :()

jennyhernandez's picture

would be cool if there was a weekly pole on the front page! you know for some feedback on things like new songs or some fun questions

sutra519's picture

Yes, Ditto was Billeboee just said. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we buy this "stripped down" version of Young Girls?? It's great both ways, but the slow version is just unbelievably amazing. His voice is insane the way he sings that song. Must have it on repeat on something other than SNL clips on the computer!

Billeboee's picture

I heard Young Wild Girls performed on SNL and the performance nearly tore out my heart. I just downloaded the single and was disappointed. It had nowhere the passion of the SNL performance. What happened?

EmersonFilipeFaria's picture

Hey Bruno Mars!
Are you ok? I'm from Brazil and I love your the song!
I wanted to ask you if you will innovate all its musical rhythms?
For his rhythm today, is going very well, besides being a singer music style perfect for the 70, 80 and 90.

Congratulations Bruno Mars, keep following your career!


BRUNO MARS how are you???

maryanna's picture

Locked out of Heaven is the best song that I've ever heard in my entire life!!!!!!!!! This song is just over the top good! Bravo Bravo!!!!! I would love to hear more from Bruno. This song should
send him to the TOP! Everyone will know his name and I now realize all the GREAT music he already has out there!! Unreal! This song is totally addictive!

jennyhernandez's picture

How come no matter how many times I disable the comments emailing to me it just keeps showing up in my mailbox? Can you do anything to stop that please?

Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture

Hi Jenny, we turned off your comment notifications. You can edit that in your Edit Account tab. If you were clicking the link from the email, it might have only been disabling for that single post. If you continue to receive email notifications for comments, please do let us know.


SteveGobin's picture

I don't know who is responsible for the promotion of Unorthodox Jukebox but that person should go back to school. Nowhere on this website there is a possibility to listen to extracts from the songs of the new album. Only the extract of 1 song is available and there is as good as nothing on Youtube or the iTunes Store. Do you really think people will pre-order without knowing what they buy? Is it so difficult to put a Flash jukebox player on this site?!

URaTru3Tal3nt's picture

It's refreshing to hear a talent like Bruno who has a voice that has an ability to reach into your soul. But I think it isn't fair that he's working his voice so hard (he doesn't have to sing so high all the time), while some artists are using auto-tune (I can't believe people are actually paying to listen to it). I know Bruno will sound just as great singing Ballads too. Rest your voice and get well soon, Bruno!

isBrunoPerfect's picture

yep, a true talent and so photogenic....i dare any photographer to get a "bad" photo of the lovely Bruno.
How you get so purty, Bruno? Flawless face, broad shoulders.....Bruno got it all.....a way with words, a voice from heaven (has he had voice training?)natural talent + a life in front of audiences, making him at ease with 50,000 or Piers Morgan, and besides all that, he adores his mother(bought her a house)Are Bruno's grandparents living? If not, I'd like to be Bruno's surrogate grandmother. What do ya' say, Bruno?

KarenAtkinsonJohnson's picture

I became a fan on behalf of our new 9 year old daughter! When we first met her a few months ago, she was "Talking To The Moon" & felt such comfort in your words, voice & love! We would love to see if there is any way to touch her heart further by having her meet you. Thank you for uplifting her spirits!

chrissy1987's picture

I love the website i just wish that u would come to detroit mi for ur tour cause u do have some number 1 fans here i know im 1.

nellynel's picture

I was just saying the same thing. totally love him

Xyla Rokell's picture

You should create a section where you talk with your fans;) I'm just wishing upon a star because I know you are very busy, but it would be super cool. You are so awesome and good job on your last album, I can't wait to get it.

biggestfanofbruno's picture

Hi Bruno, I was all set to see you at MUCH MUSIC in Toronto as I had won tickets, then I got a phone call from the radio station saying you cancelled.... I was so excited, and I told everyone I knew that I won tickets to see you and they were all excited for me....I hope you're not ill...take care, maybe next time. Love all your music Bruno.

Evangel_Haaretz's picture

Hi Bruno, I love Your New songs ... your song is GOOD ....

amandaw1979's picture

Maybe u could make it easier to find the fan club discussions by creating a category for them !

Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture

Hey Amanda, the fan club is on hiatus so those are not accessible at this time.

MarlonHenriqueMoreira's picture

Hi Bruno, why not now release the songs from the new album, because I really liked the first two, but I can not stand to wait, lol! I also have a friend who is super fan and I told her that you are with new songs, she's dying to hear them! Please, Please, Please, Please release the music for us! Hug a big fan! Marlon Moreira

Dyaa&#039;'s picture

why Peru is not there here ? :c
Seria bonito si estubiera ahi , hay muchas hoolingas *-*

Miss_Boutii's picture

i luv this website cuz it's yours <3<3

I wonder if I can contact you ... any way .. ??

AmyCorea's picture

Hello Bruno, I had to sign up because my THREE YEAR DAUGHTER IS IN LOVE WITH YOUR MUSIC!!!! I'm serious every that I turn on my laptop to do homework or anything else she wants your cd to play...from beginning to end!!! even dough she can't really talk very well,,,but she already knows YOUR NAME!!!! ;) I believe she is your YOUNGEST FAN!! "hope you read this"

original hooligan's picture

i dont like this website ._. .......... I LOVE IT! :)) <3

Emily Gutierrez's picture

i like this website A LOT it is pretty cool!