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Locked Out Of Heaven [Official Music Video]

Locked Out Of Heaven [Official Music Video]
Posted by Bruno Mars WebCrew
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on October 15 2012
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Cindy Lin's picture

Really hard to choose which is my favorite song.... all so good!!!!

2twrzkt's picture

one of my girlfriend's favorite songs

fotgs's picture

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Jalantikus's picture

Holly Crap,,, your voice so clear , amazing :)
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Melody20's picture

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bon de voir qu'il y est mis attention à cela pour votre poste, il a de précieuses informations sur ce sujet.

AraceliSaucedoTorres's picture

my favorite song from bruno mars

MaricarmenRoyo-Hilton's picture

Holly crap!!! you guys were amazing in Houston Rodeo, I had a blast..Hope you come back.<3

genehrndz's picture

damn u've make me mad bruno.

lapandota's picture


Jeyselfrom305's picture

I love this man! He is so talented! I melt everytime I hear his music! TE AMO BRUNO!!!

ElizabehtRamirez's picture


TugceBruno's picture

great SONG. Love it!!!111!

QoharFgs's picture

2 thumb

BayumurtiLintangPradana's picture


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Hooligan_Estefania's picture

Genial ! :)

MariaJoseOG2's picture

dioooos me encantas , te quiero!!!!

SoniaMGutierrez's picture

Love love your music!!!

salmixa's picture

love this song <3 <3

SherryCurnew's picture

i am a fan . even bigger one with unorthodox jukebox.  your dead adorable mom of 2 35 yrs . keep it up i love your music sweetheart.



Mireliria's picture

I discovered "locked out of heaven" last week : your work is great. It looks like James Brown & Band's

KaniaRatna's picture

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change

Maira Yazid's picture

Ouh please Bruno ! You reminds me of Micheal Jackson . And I love it ! I love you new song ! Gonna put that on my new single :3 well , my version , credit to you Bruno :D (Malaysia)

Jeyselfrom305's picture

Yes, indeed! He reminds me of MJ as well! You know one of Bruno's biggest inspirations is Michael. He grew up singing and dancing like MJ! No wonder he is one of the best singers in the industry today! <3 him!

sharilynn's picture

Oh, YOU are the most awesome...the most incredible...talented singer. Please don't forget who helped you just a little..then you took it all the way! AMAZING YOU ARE!

JoelAlexanderMdranoVelasque's picture

locaso as always the best of his music to listen to those who know .....

vikatamba's picture


CarlotaAGeorghiou's picture

Great video

Yully's picture

Me encanta!!!!