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Fatin Shidqia - Rumor Has It - X Factor Indonesia - Gala Show 1

Fatin Shidqia - Rumor Has It - X Factor Indonesia - Gala Show 1
Posted by kim hyoung
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on March 07 2013
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Fatin Shidqia Rumor Has It ( Adele ) X Factor Indonesia Gala Live Show

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Thank Fatin.. after hearing your singing I know Grenade the nice song from Bruno. I hope you will win in this competiition.. cause a people who knows you is support you. I also support you... Please don't treat her as a second, or a losser cause another plan that I read in yoube XFI of their comment to Comparing fatin performance to another her senior ... Bruno please advice her in order she will to be a winnwer... I like both of you especially when singing Grenade.

Sukho Kalio's picture

Wooooow ... remarkable.

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AlifFathan's picture

Wow This Awesome!

rizroi's picture

wow,,, I heard Fatin doing a Harlem Shake, I have been watched her here

joko aji wibowo's picture

fatin waw