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My first pooch.. Everyone say hi to Geronimo

My first pooch.. Everyone say hi to Geronimo
Posted by Bruno Mars
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jdlsdkkd's picture

hı geronimoo :) so sweet:)

AgataShankeeva's picture

I also love dogs:)


WOW! He is gonna be a big boy and out grow you. Soooo can't wait to meet you. UK XXX

ZoobaMars's picture

so sweet <3

Niko's picture sweet)

rubyyyyyy's picture

that dog is almost as cute as you x

Cherrymmae95's picture

Awwww how cute Bruno Mars :D

Nai's picture

Hi Geronimo ^^ so cute <3

alexgirl's picture

I love ur dog so cute i have one named snoopy.

Claudia.Castillo.g's picture

liiindisimo geronimo se parece a mi perrito :D

diana aguilar's picture


MJulie's picture

Hi Geronimo ! So Sweet.♥♥

ElifSoylu's picture


BrunoMarsolino85's picture

Hi Geronimo!!

dj 1999's picture

I love your dog xxxx i wish i could get on e but my mum nad sis are too scared :( anyway ithink you the most amazing singer of all time and i`m not lying. Plz do a tour in belgium!!! Love ya xxx

Scheilinha's picture

Linda foto

Peterhernandezbrunomars0558's picture

There are no words to describe how cute you and your dog are together<3!

Valentinam's picture

Bruno you're amazing!
I want to see you ! :(
But please come to Luxembourg again!!
P.s Geronimo is soooooo cuteeeeee $:

Geisa oliveira's picture

voce é muito fofo ! amo voce

Majio97's picture


raylynnlovesbrunomars's picture

soo cute

Marinaaa's picture

Hi Geronimo! :D so cuuuute!

AndrezaMartins's picture

dois lindos

Beatriz Rocha's picture

Geronimo and you are very cute in the picture ...

DorisE.Williams-Keefer's picture

Geronimo was a Chiricahua Apache which I'm descended from according to my father, though I've done genealogy since 1980 and haven't found the link yet there are several grandparents I can't trace so it's possible. Why did you pick the name?

DorisE.Williams-Keefer's picture

He's adorable (the pooch) in this pic! When was this posted?

Isaaa's picture

sweet the dog....and you bruno :)

Beatriz Rocha's picture

My name is Beatriz Rocha am 12 years old and I'm from Portugal.
I will not say "I love you" like most of your fans will just say I love your work, my favorite song is "Billionaire"
the music is very lively and ... I love it!
I liked you to come to Portugal ...

HenyToding's picture

cool ^_^ <3

Gaia Mars Minghetti's picture

Bruno! wtf?
But he is so lovelyyy! <3