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Bruno Mars in PLAYBOY!


  • Bruno Mars in PLAYBOY!
    March 12 2012 / Naomi
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     Bruno Mars has become the tenth man to grace the cover of Playboy magazine

     The excited Grenade singer tweeted as the issue went on sale, 'Woke up this mornin feelin like a playboy ;)'

     The saucy shoot features in the annual 'Sex and Music' edition of he iconic magazine

     The singer posed alongside Miss April, Raquel Pomplun

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on March 12 2012


 Bruno Mars has become the tenth man to grace the cover of Playboy magazine

 The excited Grenade singer tweeted as the issue went on sale, 'Woke up this mornin feelin like a playboy ;)'

 The saucy shoot features in the annual 'Sex and Music' edition of he iconic magazine

 The singer posed alongside Miss April, Raquel Pomplun

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Hey! SUPPACOOL!!! He's very very very sexy. Ugh, I love him :*

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I absolutely agree. I have seen these photos before and thought they were great.

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you could always tear the articles and throw away the rest of the magazine.

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I absolutely LOVE these photos. The colors, the fun, the playful sexiness! Very well done. The cover shot being the exception, that pose for Miss April is just rediculous. Now, how can I get copies w/o the magazine

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yes he is a grown man of 26 not a child...he's a good guy BUT he's defintely NO BOYSCOUT.

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He isn't 12 he's a grown man. I'm sorry to destroy your illusions but I fear
bruno mars has sex what means he's not a virgin anymore. Some of you probably
think he sits at home drinks hot chocolate and goes to bed at 7 o'clock in the evening.
Just because he has young fans donesn't mean he's not allowed to have his own life
and live it like he wants to live. He smokes, he drinks and I'm pretty sure he likes a lot of
other nasty things ;-)

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@onerockettomars.. i agree with you 100 percent. when i found out about this i was really upset because my 9 yr old sister and my 4 yr old sister love him and i really really love him but its like they look up to him and ur right whether he wants to be or not, he is a role model and i think it was a really stupid idea that he is on playboy. like now he is like a sex symbol and i hate that. i liked his uniqueness in not having innapproriet songs, for the most part, and not with a girl all the time in music videos and pics and stuff and now he is like everyone else. dont get me wrong i absolutely love him and i always will but this was a mistake and im really upset. He seems like such a nice and fun guy and maybe he just did it for publicity but he still did it.

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kinda upset and disappointed about this...whyyyyy??

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I certainly dont like it that he is in playboy. But things happened. But he should think about stuff like this lik 5 or 10 times before he'll do it. Because HE IS a role model, if he wants or not. And he is really not a bad guy because I met him. He has younger fans that all probably LOVE him...( me too :D) so he shouldnt play with our feelings. And he is on the 100 most influences people in the world.. and being in playboy i dont know...

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No Jessica, I don't think it was photoshopped or edited.

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I dont like this but imma buy the magazine then cut off all of the Bruno Mars pictures then throw away tha rest and i'll just stick wit tha Bruno Mars Pictures cuz Bruno Mars is tha hottest,sexiest,cutest,and the most talented man in this world.BRUNO MARS LOVER 4 LIFE PPL:)

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i know that Bruno Mars wasnt kissing that girl becuz they werent touching each others lips like they just photoshoped it or something

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Cant wait to buy the magazine and drool over him ?? He's so hot!

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HOT! HOT! HOT! Very tasteful! :)

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Lord there is lust in my heart. Haha kidding, but just have fun with it. Stop taking this so seriously. Do you think Peter is being serious? No. So just chill.

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I don't understand why anyone is surprised that he is behaving like a 26-yr old grown man. He was drinking, smoking, cursing, gambling in Vegas, having sex, and writing R-rated lyrics long before he became famous. I don't think he's going to stop doing these things just because he has fans under the age of 18. It's pretty hard for an adult to limit themself to activities that are only appropriate for tweens and teens.

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he is cool !!!! but unfortunately he kissing a girl at the megazine.. :((
but its no problem he still handsome !!!!

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i would give anything to be the girl on the cover with him

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Bruno Mars: sexy since 1985!!!!

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yeahI mean, Playboy isn't degrading women, it's more like respecting women, I mean Hugh Heghner seems to respect women NOT degrade sexually or otherwise, i wouldn't even put it in the same legued with Penthouse because is that mag. is more of a PORN maga than it it an adult like Playboy and yes, Bruno is an ADULT. As long he isn't doing anything 'sleazy', than it's coool. So far some of the pictures don't seem to look that 'dirty'Actually they look pretty classy to me

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As a 32 year old woman, I find nothing "sleezy" or "degrading" about Playboy. I have seen many Playboys in my life and have never seen anything that would be considered "not classy". It is quite tasteful and artistic. There is nothing wrong with the human form to make it considered to be disrespectful. Playboy is just another media outlet and to be in the magazine or even be on the cover says alot on what a person has accomplished. Mad props to Bruno for being one of ten men on the cover. He is well on his way to legend status.

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3 other picts arent for playboy but it's it will rain first video..

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@caro, thats not what playboy represents at all. and i dont believe young boys will interpret it that way because it simply isnot. i honestly do not even understand the hoopla at all. when i first heard he was gonna be in playboy, my first thought was to find out when it was gonna come out and make sure i get a copy, i was super excited. i didnt even consider anything negative at all. plus, he knows that he is representin a classy respectful maagazine, so his actions cannot be dictated by someone else's possible negative assumption or connotation, you know what i mean. he is doing something great and he shouldnt shy away from it because someone might possibly think that its wrong.

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@Caro I get what your saying..but just because someone is on playboy doesn't meant they are anit-women, or think women are sex objects. Do you think that because bruno is on playboy he feels this way? I'm sure he doesnt feel like women are sex objects and I'm sure he doesn't want to illustrate to his younger fans that message either.

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I just think if other young boys catch that Bruno is in Playboy magazine and don't know that it isn't vulgar pornography, that they'll think that's cool to be a 'Playboy'!!!
You know what I mean, they'll think that's okay to be anti-women and think women are just sex objects and other things.........!!!

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I've bought a PLAYBOY Magazine because Trey Songz was in it xD so I already know what kind of a magazine it is. But in the closest store in my neighborhood PLAYBOY is unfortunately placed amongst a lot of porn magazines,the younger so it is going to be hard for the younger fans to buy. :(

And I am also going to buy the issue now XD

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Your right Nichell I can,t say what playboy really is because i have a secret.

i have never seen the inside of a playboy just the cover. have a good night.

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um, im pretty sure bruno isnt gonna be naked in it. playboy is a gentlemen's magazine geared toward heterosexuals, there are probably the only pictures he has in there, along with an article. and also, you guys are talking about playboy as if its vulgar pornography. playboy is classy and artistic, its nothing sexually grotesque. there is no reason he should be in playboy. im going to buy this issue right now