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Bruno Sister's Reality Show, Would U watch????


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on July 04 2011

Bruno's sister's Jamie, Tahiti, Tiarah & Presley are trying to get thier own TV reality show.  Would you watch it?  What would you like to ask them?   You can follow them on twitter at the following link.!/LaHernandezShow    

Here is their facebook link also.  Check out the family pic's.

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RobertaAraujo's picture

That would be interesting......

Fanforever123's picture

Yeah i would wacth it.

Kaley Mae's picture

I would watch it!!! :)

aspen's picture

Don't know what Eric would like to do other then being great drummer that he is.

Mickalea426's picture

sure i'd watch it!!!!!!!!!!! but what happened to eric? bruno became this really awesome star, the sisters with the reality show, but eric, is a drummer. sad.

willatreewillatree's picture

I guess I'd watch as long as it wasn't stupid like the Kardashsins.

I_LovesBruno23's picture

i would!!

BethLovesMars's picture

Yeah!!!! I would watch it!!! :D

MadisonHernandez3's picture

of course id watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woww i hope they can get one! :)

TheHawaiianLioness's picture

I would watch it :) That would be awesome!!

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aspen's picture

check out their facebook page and family pic's. Man did Bruno have a fro with lots of ringlets. Is that a fro when there are ringlets of curls?

toscano's picture

They're getting their own show?That's cool.I'm sooo gonna watch it. :) *can't wait*

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@jurate: oh thanks it cuz i just found out he had 4 sisters i was wondering if there were other brothers i didnt know xp .. wow... mostly ... have u notice they dont rlly look alike with eachother.? lol
i dont watch the kardashians either.... i rlly dont know about them all i know about them is that there famous and rich for nooo reason..! hahahaha...!!! xD

Jurate's picture

I would watch the show but I don't think they will show it in the UK :( Mind you, The Kardashians are on E! I don't watch them though. Not a fan.

@Pam :) Only Eric. Bruno's got 4 sisters and a brother. That's 6 kids in total. Wow!! :)

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Pam Mars3's picture

haha... nah i just didnt know i actually would like to know who his siblings im my so glad u mentioned this or else i would of never know about his sisters.. kow i have memerizzed there names.. :) i care about his family also dats how much i love xD

candy552's picture

woo cool i bet bruno would be there all the time

aspen's picture

@PamMars U2.. lol too busy watching him to care about anyone else :)

Pam Mars3's picture

oh man. ididnt know he had all these sisters i need to keep ... and yea i would watch it i think it would be interesting and it would be a way to get to know them.. :))

aspen's picture

what have u been missing LOL Gotta keep up with the family to show bruno u luv him and the rest of the Hernandez's if u want to be one of them. lol

Taylor Marz Sarz's picture

Whoah I didnt know he had 4 sisters.... i thought he only had 1 WHAT AM I MISSING????