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Bruno&his girlfriend


  • Bruno&his girlfriend
    February 14 2013 / hooligan_no1
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    Say what you want but for me Jessica changed Bruno... I mean now he's a model! It's quite good, cause he's (for me) the best model in the world :p

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on February 14 2013

Say what you want but for me Jessica changed Bruno... I mean now he's a model! It's quite good, cause he's (for me) the best model in the world :p

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Oh but Jessica and or any other woman in his life is part and parcel of Bruno Mars. Just as Channel was, and rest. I sure hope Bruno Mars hired a dog trainer to teach Geronimo how to swim before having him fetch a ball for anyone! My cousin is a Veterinarian, and on a 3yr Fellowship at MIT. He told me that. I did not know dog drowning is huge. Just like toddlers in Florida drowning in pools. Usually 2 are needed to teach a dog to swim, in a swimming pool.
Closed doors sometimes have holes. yep. Info leaks out.
PS Jessica is not Geronimo's Mama. His first female with him is Bruno Mars' sister Jaime. When he lived in his other home, I saw pics of her often, holding baby Geronimo. Dogs do not forget! Also, Bruno is considered his father, daddy, papa, etc. Jessica can be considered Auntie. ( My daughter is her Corgi's Mommie and she lets me know that (the doggie) I am her grandmom and I spoil her. love her, am with her most days until my daughter gets home and her Mommie is the one she always waits for and wants hugs from. Geronimo loves Bruno more for sure, and then the first others in his life. Learning lots more from my cousin Dr Michael, DVM.

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She made Geronimo fetch a ball in the swimming pool and bring it to Mama. Now, how do you know a dog likes this? I don't think we should even have post about her. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. It's not about her, it's about Bruno.

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PS NO one can change another person. No One. We have to want to make changes and that is hard, depending on the change. Bruno is not a weakling. Nor does he have a D reputation. No need to change him.

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Just adding my two cents. Jessica Caban is not the so sweet and nice person so many of you on this site think. There is info out there. I will not say anything more. Conceited, etc. are some tags. I think most here are afraid to post truths. PS have most of you seen her modeling pics?? Shocking. I would have been ashamed to see my daughter pose practically nude and with =well enough said. But she loves those pics. That is true. And Bruno I suppose does too. To each his own.

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OMG now hes a model he could do a shirt less xD XOXOXOXOXOOX! :p they are cute! :) <3

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I love That He's happy with Jessica Caban And If Being With Her Makes him Happy, Then I'm All For Supporting Who HE's With I Hope They Get Married That Would Tickle Me To Pieces and Shut everybody UP About Chanel Malvar Gosh Past is Past

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Says who you don't believe everything in the media. You brought up Chanel? And you may have attacked her on the internet? One question you like Jessica because her skin tone? And hate Chanel because of hers perhaps? Photoshoped test could be the same person for all you know. Doves and pigeons are the same birds hated by some loved by others. Ex. Only. Just asking look at how you sound.

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Exactly ! As long as his Happy were happy :D