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    October 1 2010 / Bruno Mars WebCrew
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    Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

    The Bruno Mars WebCrew

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on October 01 2010

Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

The Bruno Mars WebCrew

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Dear Baby Jesus...Please make it so that the seating venue for Bruno Mar's concert in Seoul Korea on April 8, 2014 at Olympic Park Gymnasium is A LOT! Soooo many of us fans here in South Korea are heart broken that only 1/2 of the gymnasium is supplying seating & tickets. Now every time I listen to my Unorthodox CD all I can do is cry because I was a split second too late at purchases 2 tickets. But on a good note: Happy Valentine's Day to all of the lover's in the house tonight!! MUAH from the ROK!!

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It's a MARS invasion!! Bruno, you did Hawaii proud. Many Kudos & Bravos to you!'s picture

I sound like a broken record but can you ask Bruno to give us a hello on this website???????

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How is it illegal to scalp tickets, but yet, Stubhub can purchase a ton of tickets and then sell them for double the original ticket price??? Isn't that the same as scalping?? It's not right.

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I beem trying to buy all morning since your tickets went on sale and i can't thru, i really hope the show isn't sold out i would be really disappointed if i don't i been so excited since i heard about it last month, can someone please fix this or help me out here!!

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For you all having trouble with the word verification, please try this and see if it works. When you go to post, copy everything
you wrote in the text box. Then refresh the page. Once that is done, paste back what you wrote and then type in the word
verification and press post comment. I would like to see if this is an option for those who really want to immediately post.

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I tried that and, unfortunately, my post would still not go through. I tried several times and gave up. Then, after a while I logged on again and posted and it went through. Go figure!!'s picture

Can you please tell me how to paste back and refresh page? I do know how how to copy comment but that's it!!! Sorry but a am computer illiterate!! Thanks for your help!

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Hi Guys,
Pretty new to the site but that bloody thing for the menu at the side drives me nuts!
It's always in the way and I have to close every bloody time I click on a link to read the post......please, just put it at the top out of the way.....
It irritates me every time I try and read a thread......
You did ask! Xxxxx
Thanks, love Charlotte

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I have the same problem. I thought it was only me. It is really getting on my nerves. This is something that started approx. 2 months ago. I never had that problem before, but now it is happening all of the time. It also pops up when I am posting. So irritating!

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Not i phone friendly!!!

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Here is an idea, fix the verification code problem and then maybe just maybe fans will be able to post on your site.

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Hey Bruno. Love the way you sing, love your style. Stay good and wish you lots of success brother. Love and respect all the way from ASSAM.

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i just want to let Bruno know, that I was so utterly disappointed with his concert in Munich 2013. I have never experienced such an impersonal and cold concert. I saw Alicia Keys here in Munch just a few weeks prior..she interacted with the audience..told a few stories and let us be privy to her thoughts and experiences as a musician. I have seen so many great artists over the years, and they prove themselves always away from the limelight and close to the fans. That is what I expected from Bruno Mars. I felt I was at a concert where I was sang at..not something where I was allowed to be privy to the artist...actually it was an insult for everyone who dared to pay to be there..but luckily for bruno, they were mostly 20ish and they probably never had the privilege to participate in such a concert..they are used to hearing the artist just play it through. They don't know that lyrics mean something and the artist generally wants to tell a story. I guess Bruno will ever read my feedback anyway, but was a real shame..I was just disappointed. Luckily I have seen greater artists than him..I always hoped he would be as great as them. are blessed with a beautiful voice, artistry brilliance and songwriting capability...your story must be told. Just remember us humble fans along the way..a very disappointed fan xxx

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como faço para excluir meu perfil deste site?

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Hey Bruno, wanted to say Happy Birthday, from a very busy chick :) I heard on the radio that it was your birthday while I was driving and delivering food for Domino's, one of my 3 jobs. I hope you have a wonderful birthday ;)!!!

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When is the concert in Calgary going to get rescheduled. The people of Calgary have been through enough with the flood. Reschedule the concert or cancel and give people their money back. It's unprofessional and insensitive to leave people hanging.

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The concert has been re-scheduled. Look up his tour schedule. I think I saw it on there.

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Happy birthday Brunoooooo :)

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This message from the Bruno Mars Webcrew is an old one. It dates back to October 2010 as everyone can see. Why are there not more recent posts from the webcrew??

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WE NEED an official fan club. I have been sending e-mail messages to the web crew and no one has gotten back to me. Also, a few of the fans who post on this Forum have made a video wishing Bruno a happy birthday. Everyone was invited, but only about 20 participated, which is sad. If we had an official club, perhaps many more would have been aware of this and participated. We would like to know if the web crew or anyone on this Forum has any suggestion as to how to get the video to Bruno in London. He will be performing at the O2 Arena on October 8, which is his B.D. Any help would be appreciated.

We need a fan club so all of us fans can get together on the one page. The Forum is fine, but we need a club as well.

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An official Fanclub is needed. Could you include a membership? Like to join the official Fanclub

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Is this Bruno's official fan club, who is the president, it's not updated much by you, your last post was in 2010

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I asked this same question a while ago and never received an answer.

BTW, are you going to participate in Bruno's Birthday Project, please let me know either on this page or go to Bruno's Birthday under the category Random Talk. There are two pages entitled Bruno's Birthday, but use the one where I have posted a list of names of the fans participating. I can add your name if you want. We will probably go with the video suggestion. But we don't have much time and I am not getting many fans who want to participate.

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We want to do something for Bruno's Birthday. There is not much time left. Any suggestions? Some fans want to make a video. Each of us who are interested will have a picture taken holding a poster wish Bruno a happy birthday, signing our name and naming the state/country we live in. (Or if a fan wishes not to have their picture taken, they can just take a picture of the poster) We will then e-mail it to the person making the video and the video will then be sent to Bruno. the only thing is, he will be at the O2Arena in London on his birthday so how can we get it to him???

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Watching Gorilla live on mtv was THE SEXIEST performance I have ever seen on a show. HOT!!!!!
I would give anything to see him in Vegas for my bday!

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Could you please post on this forum any TV appearances (or any appearances at all) scheduled for Bruno. I missed several of his TV appearances because I did not know about them. I think all of his fans would be in favor of this. Thanks