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    October 1 2010 / Bruno Mars WebCrew
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    Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

    The Bruno Mars WebCrew

Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on October 01 2010

Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

The Bruno Mars WebCrew

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Nellie_7's picture

more YOURE AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE shirts PLEASE??????????? please???

SophiaMars_2's picture

I can'n believe in it!! Bruno Mars will be in Europe but not in Portugal :( I love you so much, Please, come to Portugal

Samara_3's picture

When he comes to Brazil for do a concert???

vie's picture

omg bruno i really love your music

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Jonesy's picture

Hi Bruno, love your new single but how come your new album is not available on UK iTunes at the moment, please could you or your people see what you can do to get it on iTunes in the UK?

aclark14's picture

Bruno NEEDS to come to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I can just about guarantee that he would sell out FAST.

daverigel's picture

I've searched your site for bio's of the band members, but haven't succeded. Who is the drummer? I would like to check out his history.

Monishia Wells's picture

Hey Mr. Mars, I truly need you to know that your voice has the most seductive sound I have ever heard and i've listened to many male artists..but it's your voice thathas my harmones in a rage. This first time I heard you sing was with B.O.B and I just needed to know who it was singing with him. Then I came across the song you did with Travis M. and had to find out more about you. The first time "Just The Way You Are" came on Z107.7, omg I had to pull my car over and sit there for like five min. I really can't explain to you the sensation I felt as your voice pierced through my ears, because it wouldn't be appropriate to say online. Mr. Bruno Mars, you are a very talented young man and im backing you up all the way.

_itsgab's picture

Will you be shipping store merchandise to Canada anytime soon?

Siobhan_5's picture





ahmee19's picture

luv u'r music! would luv 2 c u guys in concert...comin 2 Seattle, WA soon???

shawniecoleman's picture

i love your music it is so awsome

Julie808's picture

Bruno, I love your music. It's has been a while since I have heard real music. It has meaning and soul! (These days music has no meaning, it's silly and sounds like garage to my ears.) But with your music, I actually listen to the lyrics, the beats and how you sing it; you're music inspires me. Keep on using your talents. I hope you're able to come back to Hawaii and do a concert. I missed the one from April :(
I bought your album and I love every song. It has a great feel to it. I feel as if I am rocking on the beach like how they did it before days. Your music gives me this old school vibe, I love it! Oh by the way, If you do come back to the islands, may i get you to sign my cd??

W.B.'s picture

let me know when you are coming to Atlanta, Ga.

W.B.'s picture

Congrats on your new album, Excellent Job..... wishing you continued success on all of your future projects. I enjoyed all of your songs.

Natahlee's picture

soooo i bought tickets to the maroon 5 concert in tacoma last night specifically because bruno mars was going to be there....i bought the tickets right when they were available and he didnt show last night! how come and how come there was no annoucement?

DKP's picture

Why no show at Tacoma Dome with One Republic & Maroon 5? This show was my birthday present, had tickets for over 2 months?

JenniiLoveBrunoMarsSongs's picture

Bruno Mars and the songs are only PERFEKT ?

larry_5's picture

I belive bruno mars is an inspiration to anyone who loves music!

Gunsmoke Granny's picture

I saw you for the first time on one of the music channels . The one the host asked you about playing Michael Jackson in a movie. I have to admit you do have that same boyish charm and smile Michael had.
The smile that melted hearts all over the world. But the same day I read about what happened to you, I think it was Vegas. Bruno let this old lady give you a bit of advise. Michael had talent that will never be matched but his talent wasn't just what made Michael so great. Everything Michael did off stag was just as important as what he did on stage. He didn't come off like a street thug he was just the boy next door. And mothers all over the world wanted there daughter to be with him. The way he walked, the he talked everything about Michael Jackson screamed class act. He never allowed himself to be filmed doing anything his mother couldn't watch and kept his personal life private. People didn't have to read about it in the local paper. But what do I know? I'm just an old lady who knows nothing about music or the people in it and has outlived most of true talented ones. But throughout my life I have seen so many talented artist like yourself just throw it all away. I would hate to see someone with your smile fall into that trap.
P.S. I do like your music and I have to admit your the first artist in many, many years that made this old lady wish she was about 50 years younger.

Zrezidentz's picture

Like the new site, Maybe have em respond to some of the descussions to the questions he posted? I know he does live chats on facebook, but it would be cool to have em respond to some of his fans answers to his questions. More interaction between Bruno & Fans on THIS website would be my suggestion.

Kinda how lil wayne posts feedback to fans from Jail, LOL. Stay outta there Bruno!!! We dont want you to get locked up just to get some interaction wichyea.

Nathalie_11's picture

Where can I get the songs that aren't on the album?

Nathalie, Holland

kevin_21's picture

Hi there,

Can you please tell me where I can purchase the physical cd single of "just the way you are"?
If its unavailable is there any chance you can send me a promo version on cd.I have all the UK No1 CD
Singles dating back to 1991 except for Bruno's.

Thank You

mitasetiadi's picture

I really,really love Bruno Mars. Especially his songs,he's so talented. is there any chance that bruno mars can play in Indonesia? there are lots of his fans here waiting and hoping that bruno will come to Indonesia someday and we hope it would be very soon. lots of love from Indonesia :)

TCNProductions's picture

Please play in maryland!!!!!!!!!!!

MrsBrunoMars78's picture

Yeah, can there be more of brunos lesser known songs on here as well, under music thankyou !! =-()

Jenniel's picture

It was Bruno Mars that reminded me why i love R'n'B Sooo much!

Selenemcbe's picture

Hi Bruno, We were happy have seen you on Saturday night live. My mother worked for your family for the Love Notes show in Hawaii at the Sheraton. You had an amazing voice ,plus you were such a cute little Elvis. and you still do have an amazing voice. May God Bless you and may all your dreams come true HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

decasana's picture

I'm happy for u landing a gig on SNL. Just caught ur performance. It was awesome. The whole band looked fabulous. U all sound wonderful. Hopefully u can add Detroit on ur tour. If u do look 4 me in the front row.