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    October 1 2010 / Bruno Mars WebCrew
    Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture

    Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

    The Bruno Mars WebCrew

Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on October 01 2010

Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

The Bruno Mars WebCrew

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A really nice girl's picture

Hi Bruno, I know you'll never read that but anyway we love you and we trust in you and we can't wait for your album :) thank you for being so amazing <3

by the way, the website looks great, I love it :)))

TuğbaErbakan's picture

Hi Bruno!! I love your song and of course I love you.I live in Turkey.Wish you were here now.Good byeee.. <3

Golferguyisi's picture

I have been a fan of yours since the beginning. However I am getting married in February on the 9 th. I don't have a lot of money but I have been saving for this once in a lifetime opportunity for me to marry the best woman in the world. Thus I ask if can be in Houston the weekend of Feburary 9th. I would pay my savings to you if you could sing one song for her and hang out for the open bar party at the Exon mobile patrolium club for an hour. I don't have much more than a couple thousand for it that I have saved up over time. Let me know. 713-966-9334.

DonajeanHuertas's picture

bruno mars you and taylor swift are my favorite people in the singing business one of my dreames are to meet you and taylor swift      love your music  <3 (;

Guariwhat's picture

I'm so sad and dissapointed :( Bruno isn't coming to Venezuela, I lost my membresy, and I will wait for my gift for the rest f my life.. Please gimme an answer.

NúriaR.N.Henriques's picture

Hello! You're my idol Bruno Mars! Please come to Portugal, and makes a spectacle at the Atlantic Pavilion! Kisses..

nia22's picture

come to baltimore:)

GabbyA.Alcantar's picture

uuuhhh how do we become members????

Sofia Narvaez's picture

i love you music and i love so much you person take care bye bye i love

Rotaru Elisabeth's picture

I'm not talking about web crew team and I say this because I saw some comments to Bruno and his band and this need to understand that Bruno never commented or will comment here. Fact that there is this club or site is good because young people can express feelings, experiences during concerts or whether they had any contact with Bruno ... is good ... but not sell as teenagers the illusion that Bruno is here, because it is not, was not and will not be ...this site is for fans ... created for and by them ... I'm not a teenager Juanita and I say this because i have some experience ,can say that I like Bruno i repeat I like him and do not love him :), I admit is a young talented and has built his career on his own, he worked to get here alone and I respect him for that, but the fact that it is common any on this page is excluded. Will the team do a good job and hope to continue so I can only wish good luck! :)...PS: just to tell you that you'll never convince me you or anyone that Mars is ON OF THE WEB CREW,maybe just web crew its ABOUT Mars :) this yes.

ValerieColvin's picture

Still watching SNL and Dancing to " Locked out of Heaven" on my DVR!!!!! You KILLED SNL!!!! May God blessings be with you and continued Success!!!

Rotaru Elisabeth's picture

What is all this???... Who really believes that Mars or Hooligans band looked this website???.. everything its just malingering,pretense,fake...wake up folks!! hello...all its just bullshit...ok its nice this FAN CLUB i not say no but not write posts for them because they not read them...:)

huldy's picture

Loved you on SNL !! You make my day!!

bruno and i's picture

Your supercalifragilisticexpialidocious , all your performance& and your songs was totally great .

andrea elizabetth's picture


bruno * - *
must come to chile denuevo
You're the best
hopefully conoserte
your songs from the best  <3


Sofiaknittel's picture

Hi Bruno <3
I love youuuu :)
I'm from Portugal and I really enjoyed if you come here... Can you come here please? I reaaly love you <3

chloe felicity flores's picture

hey bruno!! u did soo good tonight! (snl)

lyn robelo's picture

you are good...talented and with charm. these comments are coming from a 56 yr old woman whose music preference ranges from aerosmith, bon jovi,michael jackson,celine dion nd whitney houston to luciano nd placido to mozart nd vivaldi and strauss. your singing/performance is entertaning considering i only like broadway or shows like phantom, les mis or moulin rouge. i bet you can do acapella very well. i also admire that a young man like you, is wearing a Cross pendant( i am an old woman,i am very observant). GOD will always be with you in every endeavor you undertake. stay humble even if you have reach the top.i saw you @ SNL( i seldom watch tv) nd very surprised that you acknowledge you are Filipino. your parents raised you well. stay good always in the midst of fame nd fortune..TRY to know who your true friends are.

Mayalee's picture

well, maybe that I posted a comment meant for Bruno on this tech page means that you need to make navigation easier for those less savvy...or not.

pseel42's picture

Love the new website!! Love the new video for "Locked Out of Heaven!!" Can't wait for the new album!!

Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture

Amanda, all official news is posted to as we get it. You may also check Bruno's Facebook and Twitter for updates:

Bruno Mars WebCrew

AmandaB's picture

Hey WebCrew! How ya been? Listen, lots of stuff goin on w/ Bruno Mars here lately. It would b nice if u guys could post events/happenings officially. That way the Hooligans would know for sure what, when, where and could attend.Comm'on! Get with it. You are SO behind!

LarissaNara's pictureãsderunomars
#compartilhe *-*

IorranaNeves's picture

bruno mars vc é meu ídolo amo vc <3<3

LarissaNara's picture

BRUNO MARS:hj eu levei maior susto quando a minha amiga fez uma brincadeiera comigo quando ela me falou q vc foi internado eu fiquei super preocupada e chorei mtu.
Mas depois ela desmentiu e eu melhorei estou mtu feliz por vc estar bem!!! ass: larissa Nara

LuisVicenteFernandezAlvarez's picture

Bruno, Muy Feliz cumpleaños, espero que la pases genial, desde Chile un abrazo y que cumplas muchos años mas. esperamos con ansias tu nuevo disco que sabemos dará que hablar en las radios chilenas como ya lo ha hacho locked out of heaven. esperamos regreses a chile, de preferencia al festival de viña del mar. Desde CHILE Con Cariño!!!

LarissaNara's picture

BRUNO MARS eu sou do brasil meu nome é larissa tipo eu super fã sua e quero te dsejar feliz aniversário eu te adoro muito muito muito mesmo e adoraria te conhecer um dia ou talvez uma semana ou ganhar ingrssos para te ver nos back stage bjsss te adoro muito.

zaemayas's picture

Hi Bruno Mars,

My Name Eben, i represent x-cyfer Entertainment, an event management company based in Ghana(west Africa), and will like to know if you have Plans of meeting your numerous fans across Ghana, West African, and the Whole African continent in a whole.

We would Love to make an offer for you to perform, here in Ghana and and across the African continent.

You have more than 8million fans here in Africa, which i know you won't believe, you could take This opportunity to meet them, and make their Dreams of seeing, a reality.

We are still on moves in trying to contact you officially, but all efforts yields no results. We would want to know how to meet you official.

We hope to hear from you soon.


X-Cyfer Entertainment.
West Africa.

Teresa Conway's picture

give us contests!!!!

AmandaB's picture

Now that Bruno has reappered thinkin' it's time for the WebCrew to show up as well. Where are you guys??? Let's get going here. We want our fan club back in operation. Pronto! please.