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    October 1 2010 / Bruno Mars WebCrew
    Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture

    Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

    The Bruno Mars WebCrew

Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on October 01 2010

Welcome to the all new!  We would love to hear from you about the new website and see what you like and don't like.  Our goal is to keep improving the site and make this the best community it can be for Bruno Mars fans.  If you have any ideas, drop us a comment here and let us know!

The Bruno Mars WebCrew

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KarlaAlcortaRodriguez's picture

Te amooo Bruuno <3 Ña!

Carine Joice da Silva's picture

loved was very nice perfect

DeBonge's picture

all i wanna say is that keep it up bro

Charlotte Yorke's picture

Bruno love, just come live in England. You can stay with me!

Miriαm Mαrs's picture

Good morning, I hope with all my heart that this day is the best for you and your loved ones, and only one more thing (I love you much ♥)

BeccaMars's picture

he need to get here touring england!!! saving up for that day when he does already!!

Thays Elisabeth's picture

Bru Mars é um artista e tanto.
Mas o bate papo do site deixa a desejar, não pelo sistema mas sim pelos usuários, as pessoas não aceitam outras pessoas de outros paises, é uma falta de respeito, porque assim não conseguimos conversar com ninguém.
Simplesmente te respondem com muita falta de respeito. Por acaso Bruno Mars e sua equipe nao gostam do Brazil?

Mrs.Kiss's picture

I hope can become this one soon again a member in the official hooligan fan club ;)

rachey1602's picture

he needs to come to england on tour because i dont think i can save up enoough to come to america

earthangel655's picture


Carolina Villegas Diazgranados's picture

hola bruno mars, eres una persona muy talentosa amo tus canciones eres lo maximo tienes una voz increible lastima que no llegaste a colombia pero estuviste en el continente suramericano sabes desenvolverte en un escenario i love bruno mars

Miasunshine's picture

Hi Bruno! You are a class act! With that comfort/homemade pumpkin pie vocals! I think you and your band do great covers. This may be really random but could yah would yah please do a cover/twist on Vertical Horizion- "Everything You Want"? pretty pretty please with a cherry on top! - Xoxo -

SaraLoganHoneycutt's picture

Bruno I think you are so very talented,I love your your music and your voice. And I Know your tour in South America was a success just as you always are. Keep up the good work an I will be waitng for the release of your next great CD continuosly good luck to you and Phil.. Ps YOUR MUSIC MAKES ME SMILE :)

Beatriz Rocha's picture

I think it's pretty good just have a problem ... the concert and news updates appear only can you see by another ... Furthermore it is said that for the coming year Bruno will make a tour through Europe and is the official website you guys have no information about it.
but nevertheless I really like the website

"eu acho que é muito bom só tem um atualizações de concertos e novidades só aparecem uma vês por outra... além disso diz-se que para o ano que vêm o Bruno vai fazer uma turné pela Europa e voces sendo o website oficial não têm nenhuma informação sobre isso.
mas apesar disto gosto bastante do website"

dj 1999's picture

plz give us an update on the tour dates and hfave bruno mars reply on the comments (but not all cuz i know its alot) thnx love you bruno <3 xxx

Esperanza_Mars's picture

Hey web crew \(^0^)/ I think it would be awesome and helpful if you could put like an update thingy telling us whats goin on in the studio. it would ease the minds of dieing fans like me that are wating for another album (dont rush bruno take your time) i hope you concider the idea THX :)

Beatriz Rocha's picture

I love the site my only regret there are no concerts in Portugal ...
the rest love

NicoleRubio's picture

OMG i love you brunomars :D

Theresa Xanders's picture

I really wish that Bruno Mars will shows up in Malaysia for his coming tour...LOVE U, BRUNO.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

CarolinaCristina's picture

and suddenly you meet someone and your life changes forever!
Bruno met you and my life changed!

CarolinaCristina's picture

When I met you my life changed for the better love

CarolinaCristina's picture

And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause bruno you're amazing,
Just the way you are, hey

Budowdown's picture

I love you bruno and the website. The only problem is that its kind of slow and it would be cool if you woulg write back to us. I love you so much i woulg die without you

AmandaB's picture

Hey Web Crew,
In discussions section there are a few different "discussions" from coooldoctor. Selling product and I don't know what else. This sounds dangerous for all. I've tried to "report and issue" and my messages are not deliverable. So, here's the next step. Thanks for everything! lovin' on ya, AmandaB

Feyza_2's picture

beni ölünce Bruno Mars'ın gamzelerine gömün :) <3

DIANEE's picture


hdorval's picture

I have all of Bruno's music with me at all times and it brings sunshine in my clowdy days, it brings a smile when I am down, it makes me happy and gives me energy. Thanks for everything Bruno.

katherine u's picture

the truth is that everything is fine

PamelaCuizon's picture

miss u bruno !!

missMelis's picture

I'm new to your site here, but I enjoy your music. You are quite the character in your interviews, lol ;). I look forward to hearing new tunes you guys write & produce. Your WebCrew has done a great job, from what I can see, no expert here, but your website seems very user friendly. Well, cheers & happy writing & singing & producing to you & Phill :) & I also agree with others, you really do have a very beautiful voice man ;)!