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Bruno Music and Recordings

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Fan mail? :D 60
Bruno's Songs 15
Who should Bruno do a song with? 5
When you feel sad which sing of Mars you may listen to 24
"List all songs from Mr.Bruno Mars" 220
A remake of your song Locked Out of Heaven 1
Music 0 n/a
Most #1 Singles 1
Bruno all songs 1
Bruno Mars "Treasure" Talent show- D'Andre 8 yrs old 6
Next Single Off UJ 6
Who is the Girl behind the song "When i was your man" 11
When did this song come out? And anyone know if there's an album? 2
"Runaway" song 0 n/a
When I was you man and my 16 month old son 1
The Moonshine Jungle Tour DVD/CD? 12
Bruno Mars 0 n/a
When I was your man Cover 0 n/a
Bruno Mars concert DVD 0 n/a
if you got a chance to talk with bruno mars what would you talk about? 49
song cover 0 n/a
collaboration "" 0 n/a
Need to hear this grenade ver 0 n/a
Bruno Mar's Songs Helped me w/ my Dad Passing 0 n/a