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Questions or Concerns about the Upgrades? 37 Feedback 3317
your message for bruno mars 21
Bruno's Fan Mail Address? 26
How tall is Bruno? 12
How tall is Bruno Mars? 52
Bruno write his first song.... 4
Romania do you want Bruno Mars to perform here? I sure do....I'm waiting for him in Bucharest..:D 40
Should Bruno give a concert in India? 21
Food for thought 5
What's Bruno's phone number? 3
Fan mail 24
Whats Bruno Mars phone #? 53
Magazines 2
Bruno VS Michael Jackson 43
Bruno mars i want you to come play a concert in Thailand 1
horror movies............... 1
who really wants to chat to bruno mars?? 65
Bruno in Cuba 4
Invitation to another...HIT 1
Bruno Mars in colombia, Latin America 2
Concert in Fresno Ca is turning into a nightmare and a tragedy!~! 5
Fan Fiction Story - Shortcut To Mars - Introduction Chapter 15
If You Had A Chance With Bruno In His Car, What Would You Do? (Only One Thing Please!) 49