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Random Talk

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Bruno&his girlfriend 9
bruno mars birthday 10
Moonshine Jungle Hat 0 n/a
Tattoo 2
Where can you buy a MJT sweatshirt online ? 2
bruno mars 2
Fan Army Face Off...Vote today. Round 1 closes tomorrow 2
question?_?_?_ 1
Tickets for the show in Buffalo 0 n/a
what if? 3
To: Bruno Mars Fr: Jessica Fernandez 0 n/a
#DearBruno, 1
I want to meet Bruno Mars 6
Filipino Hooligans?? 14
is Bruno mars black or white or mixed 10
You Don't Understand My Feelings,Dad! 0 n/a
Bruno 0 n/a
Might be losing my house but I will still be at your concert 0 n/a
Bruno Mars from Egypt 0 n/a
cry everynight 6
What thing that bruno mars does or thinks identifies you as a person? 2
What Would You Give? 2