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chanel malvar blog about bruno? (ex girlfriend)


  • chanel malvar blog about bruno? (ex girlfriend)
    October 13 2011 / Kathy
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    hey, i read about a blog she wrote about bruno mars. she wrote bad things i heard. can anyone tell me the page name where it is written? or tell me what she wrote about him?

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on October 13 2011

hey, i read about a blog she wrote about bruno mars. she wrote bad things i heard. can anyone tell me the page name where it is written? or tell me what she wrote about him?

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Hi I'm from France, sorry for my mistake. Just wanted to know that I saw many pictures from BM and Chanel and they were a cute couple. I'm married since 12 years and what is important, it's love, and sharing love with the person who we love, that's the top. I don't know if M Malvar is in couple with somebody else, I don't know if "when I was your man" is for her (that's what I think) but he seemed so in love with her. I hope it will be happy with a lovely woman, maybe Chanel or someboody else. Regards

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YeaH I agree thAt WIWYM was about Chanel but we don't know if he still w/ Jessica. Enough w/ the past.

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I think "When I was your Man" sums it up!! (: Either way #TeamBruno plus he's with Jessica now.. I just hope she really loves him and is not using him for his money! And If he's happy then we hooligans should be happy for him! Enough with the past!! (:

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I believe that the reason Bruno & Chanel broke up was because of Bruno's oareer & the fact that Bruno was away from home more often ! Not because either of them was cheating & Chanel & Bruno might have accused each other of cheating out of anger 1 Even though Chanel's Tumblt blog might have indicated otherwise !

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Like I said you want to believe he's a cheater that's fine. I'm not going to be hating on
You for that. You believe whom you want to believe and like you said it was two years ago.

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@shy175223 Like I said the shit doesn't matter. A liar won't admit they lied a cheater won't admit they cheated. Ecspecially if their FAMOUS...she said it all why would he need to say ANYTHING? Plus why would he say something NOW if it happened 2 years ago and their screwing other people?

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Maybe the reason why he hasn't said
ANYTHING is because he wants to get on with his life and not
Think about the past .

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There are TWO sides toevery story and Bruno has yet to speak his
Side.until I will refrain from taking sides.

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Well I actually got to read the post basically Chanel was asked to do an interview from a magazine about how she inspire young woman to follow their dreams etc, after she agreed to do it in the interveiw she was asked nothing but questions about Bruno when she said no comment to all questions they still publish her interview in the magazine stating lies about how she wants to "de fame" him. And how she was the cheater in the realtionship! when REALLY BRUNO was the one who cheated she was pissed at the magazine for lieing on her and pissed at bruno for not helping her or backing her up. Her tumblr is now deleted because one of out friendly hooligan seems to be stalking her and took it to the next level so yea. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU GUYS THINK CAUSE 1. I BELEIEVE HER AS OF NOW CAUSE BRUNO HASN'T MADE ANY STATMENT ABOUT IT 2ND IM STILL A BIG FAN OF 'BOTH' 3. THE SHIT DON'T MATTER!

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Everyone knows HER side of the story but Bruno has yet to say anything nor will he ever
Besides This was two years ago. Let it stay there.

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So, what exactly did she write on her blog? I'm reallu curious about knowing her side of the story!

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she wrote what she feels and what she thinks about it.
if she wrote something "bad", then that's the way she wanted it to be.
and quite frankly, you can't say it's "bad" cause i, you, and we never know how "good" their relationship was.
so, better discover it yourself.

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OMG! I think this topic should be closed.

But I must emphasize one thing: @ Alla: No offense, but the way you talk, it seems like you know her personally. Sorry frankly, but I'm don't defend either (I'm not saying that you are defending Chanel). But as I said below, if Bruno came with a different version of the facts, I doubt many would be on the side of Chanel. I never lived with them, so I will not tell if their relationship was good or bad. If Bruno loved her or not. If Chanel is a good person or not. No one here knows. This is not our business, it is their personal life.
Likewise, I don't think proper to speak badly about her without knowing her. And my opinions, she really seems to be a good person, Bruno seems to be a good person too. But I don't know if it's true.

Anyway people, this topic about Bruno and Chanel is unnecessary.

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@caitlin Hernendez I agree.

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i know the blog.. and i'm for sure NOT gonna write it here.. -_-

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wow this has turned into she did something wrong leave her alone disscussions can't we just leave this in the past i dont really care to be honest

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Gosh... live her alone! She's amazing women, dancer, person. I don't know what do you want from her.. She lives her life and she's happy. You even don't know her so how can you write something bad about her? I can't understand it... this is sick ;/ I like her so much because she's positive person who really can inspirate and she's smart not a stupid girl. Tha't why Bruno loved her! Also she's beautiful and nice person. How you can be good fans if you write here bad thing about her? She was with Bruno and they were very happy. I don't know why they are not together and i don't care because it's their bisness. Not mine and not yours. So stop write about her. What she did to you? Nothing. And yes she danced with Gaga in her new music video and I'm very proud of her. I send her photos from set cuz I found. I love and respect her. She's a strong woman. Not girl. I don't like when people call her ,,his ex" or ,,ex girlfriend". She has her own life. This relationship is over. How would you feel If you were on her place? Happy? I don't think so. Everything is karma: what you give it's back to you. Think about it...That's all. This is my opinion and you should respect it. I'm not hater..I'm not negative...Think about it girls and be positive. This world should be better ;) I love all Hooligans bacause we are one family ;) mwuah xo ~Allarose~

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just shut up its not real get over it some twat has just written this to make bruno look like a bad person

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What Chanel did wrong was to have exposed these facts on the Internet. She could have settled between them, or keep away from the internet. Many fans were upset with Bruno at the time and mixed his personal life and professional life. They believed in everything Chanel said (I don't say she's lying, but it is true in everything she said? Is not there a legitimate reason for him to break off the relationship and get away from her? And if Bruno decided to tell another side of the story, everyone will believe in Chanel?). Because Bruno never talked about it. I read her tumbl and twitter (because I like what she writes) and honestly, she seems to hold a big hurt about him. But maybe he has some hurt about her too. But we'll never know that, it doesn't concern us, Bruno is not obliged to talk about it and I think he never will. I am not in favor of Chanel or Bruno, 'cause only they know what really happened. It's just my opinion.

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Chanel's dancing career is going strong. She's currently dancing with Lady Gaga. When you've really been in love and your heart gets broken it takes awhile to get over it. When suspicions are confirmed it hurts and hurt feelings often get expressed in angry words. Her writing on her personal blog about her true feelings that were based on a real relationship with Bruno that endured over two years was/is cathartic and healing. She didn't do anything wrong. Now if she had written something about him on this website or Twitter I'd think it was pathetic, but she didn't. Bruno's fans stalked her blog out. No one knows what happened between the two of them but them.

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I respect that you like Chanel but what Chanel did was wrong.

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@TheHawaiianLion101: she' a really famous professional dancer for Hollywood singers etc.. she' a dancer on Bring It On *if u kno*, dancer for Jasmine V, etc.

n ppl, DONT WRITE ANY BAD THINGS OF CHANEL MALVAR *in my vision, sum words r bad* cuz i dont care if u're hooligans or not, my friends or not, my family or not, I'LL SLAP YO FCKIN MOUTH.

I kno chanel cuz of bruno but i read her blogs w/ clear mind + dont w/ any connection w/ bruno.. Just pretend dat I'm not smart but i still hv sincere heart to say dat I love her post, i love her quotes, i love her, I LOVE CHANEL MALVAR. Our assumptions make her looks worst.

She' not ugly. She' not 'not pretty' but she' just NOT PHOTOGENIC. It mean, not every picts she looks pretty. I collect her picts n i found many picts of really FCKIN GORGEOUS FACE more than Rita or Jessica or Rocsi or Natasha etc.

We support Bruno Mars on HIS MUSIC, not on his private live. So y dis Chanel' stuffs will bother yall?

*sorry for my bad words but i dont like if i saw ppl talkin 'sumthin' bout sumthin i love. #ThatIsAll

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That was quite a long time ago...I felt bad for her at the time but then I thought that it's not classy AT ALL to diss Bruno publicly!

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she might have....

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just leave chanel? I DONT EVEN THINK SHE WROTE THAT... hahah accidental caps btw... but yeah i think we should respect her, if bruno loved (loves?) her, then we should too, as true fans:)

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I agree she was ordinary looking but Bruno must have seen something in her otherwise he wouldn't have written a song about her or that during A Perez zhilton interviiew, he referr to her as a beautiful woman.

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Look up 'houseofbillieroses' on tumblr and for the post 'I see right thru you:reflect' and she talks about him cheating on her with Rita Ora.

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ok ;-) maybe someone will see this anyday and post this blog right here ;-)

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haha and guess who the hoolies believe :) Yeah i have read that blog too, but i can't find it again :( sorry