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"Does bruno mars have a new girlfriend?"


  • "Does bruno mars have a new girlfriend?"
    March 29 2011 / Lene
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    According to some rumors, Bruno was seen with Rita Ora at the airport and even in a restaurant. Is this true?!?

    see better in Brazilian fan site:


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on March 29 2011

According to some rumors, Bruno was seen with Rita Ora at the airport and even in a restaurant. Is this true?!?

see better in Brazilian fan site:


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@Nour true he doesn't have to tell anything about his life but for right now, he's enjoying his single life.

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Bruno Mars doesnt have a girlfriend but he will soon like who doent think Bruno is hot,sexy,cute,and adorable.Well some 1 is going 2 fall in love wit Bruno and Bruno might do that back 2 her.But all Bruno Mars fans want Bruno 2 be wit them cuz i feel tha same way bout that.I really wont care if Bruno gets married some day all that matters is that i love him and 2 prove that im getting a tattoo of Bruno when im 19.Well hopefully Bruno Mars doesnt get married before im 19.Bruno Mars LOVER 4 LIFE.I love Bruno Mars sooooooo0000000000 freakin bad

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Julie its something that doesnt invole us..
I mean like bruno has to have at least SOME sercrets to himsself...
he doesnt have to tell the world..

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Im so confused??? is he dating or not and who??? I think celebs shouldn`t date because fans sometimes dont like that. ( Im not that type) Also it could harm them like for example selena gomez and justin bieber a lot of fans started hating on selena just because she started dating justin........ overall, why wouldnt Bruno and these stars just come out and tell the world instead of keeping it a secret? And why would Bruno "pretend" like he didnt/doesnt have a girl friend................BTW Bruno doesnt really seem like the type to hide it. But I dont think Bruno is dating anyone because...1~ we havn`t heard anything about a gilr
2-on a piers morgan interview, bruno says yet he is single
and a bunch more reasons but i have a headache. Just put it this way-Bruno if you have a girlfriend just tell us.

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Also forgot to add something due to google the lastest date it says she has was Rob kardashian..........

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I'm the type of fan that is ok with Bruno dating...But the fact that he might be dating Rita Ora kind of makes me sad cuz she is that great and she is not his type... I wonder what his friends have to say about them dating?

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i think they have been datimg a few weeks,I doubt it will last long.

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@TheHawaiianLion101: I'll post here the same thing I posted on another topic.

What Chanel did wrong was to have exposed these facts on the Internet. She could have settled between them, or keep away from the internet. Many fans were upset with Bruno at the time and mixed his personal life and professional life. They believed in everything Chanel said (I don't say she's lying, but it is true in everything she said? Is not there a legitimate reason for him to break off the relationship and get away from her? And if Bruno decided to tell another side of the story, everyone will believe in Chanel?). Because Bruno never talked about it. I read her tumbl and twitter (because I like what she writes) and honestly, she seems to hold a big hurt about him. But maybe he has some hurt about her too. But we'll never know that, it doesn't concern us, Bruno is not obliged to talk about it and I think he never will. I am not in favor of Chanel or Bruno, 'cause only they know what really happened. It's just my opinion.

This Chanel's post is old (march/2011).

And as @BrunoMarsLuver said: He said on his twitter that is single, so... he's single people... lol

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He just tweeted about the EMA's and not having a date this is the tweet he sent out, and rumor has it these two have already been dating for a couple of months:

Bruno Mars
Excited for the European Music Awards! If only I had a date :( .......(::ahem:: Rosario Dawson) #WishingUponATwitterStar
6 hours agovia web

This is the real can even go look if you dont believe me.

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I wonder what happen with Jessica Cabana boy that didn't last too long.

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@Emma I thought so too !

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i havent heard about it! where did you read it? or see?

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I thought he was dating that Rocsi Diaz girl now?!

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yeah but that is still speculation whether or not there was a 'relationship'

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Look up 'houseofbillieroses' on tumblr and for the post 'I see right thru you:reflect' and she talks about him cheating on her with Rita Ora.

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I respect your opinion and everything but still it's just Chanel word againest Bruno ansd according to some ppl here, Bruno said that Chanel was the one that cheated on him not the other way asround and he hasn't said anything about the relationship after that.

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that's funny because at the time he was suppposedly with Rita, Bruno said he was single, I think the relationship with Rita was a fling and nothing more and also they could've been just as well been have friends ...the plot thickens As for her being in a video, i doubtr there is going be a 'marry you' video and I doubt she'll be in anyone of his videos.

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awwwwwww please be single here waiting for you to come and sweep me off my feet :)

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yeah could be.. ya think.

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LOL... I'm laughing about this tweet!!! Vulnerable and sensitive Bruno... wow!!! It seems that he is in love. But maybe it's a simple comment.

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alright NOW i believe it and I'm crying inside..:( Bruno just tweeted this .....I think falling in love is the greatest and scariest thing in the world... #Sensitive&VulnerableAssTweets Now I'm convinced!!

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the answer is no he does not have a gf.He is still single.

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I think so

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Taylor- she was speechless to meet him for sure!! and he was as well. =] everyone was very jealous!

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yeah she was in drake video and i heard that RITA and DRAKE where dating but that was in march of 2010 and i do agree that chanel seemed more classy ..... Rita seems a bit ghetto in a way

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yeahh~i heard about that, and i felt sad lol i dont mean to be rude but i liked chanel better than her. she was just.....classier...but yeahh whatever floats his boat;) and i too feel sorry for chanel. btw, wasnt rita ora in drakes video "over"...?

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I just read what Chanel wrote - it almost made me cry.Yeah,Rita's a pretty girl - we all agree on that- but what she did was unfair.It makes me feel sorry for Chanel - she seems like a good person,intelligent as well.I don't know any more .Think we should leave Bruno live his life.One day he's gonna get a girlfriend or even a wife.No matter what happens i just want him to be happy. ( sometimes i get that strange feeling that he's gonna get back together with Chanel)