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does Bruno Mars smoke?


  • does Bruno Mars smoke?
    October 6 2011 / brunomarslover
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    hey can anyone tell me if bruno mars smokes? if so how long and why doesn't he quit?

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on October 06 2011

hey can anyone tell me if bruno mars smokes? if so how long and why doesn't he quit?

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yeah he does sadly :( but i guess its easier said than done to quit smoking

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yes, he still smoke but whatever i love him :)

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yea he smokes. It's his own decision but I hope he quits. I totally support whatever decision he makes. I know it's hard to stop, but a man who earns six grammy nominations can do anything!! :D

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Yes, it was confirmed in the 50th anniversary of Billboard Magazine (that he made the cover for).

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yes ur kinda late there........

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yeah he does smoke :(. hope he quits soon, for his sake! love you bruno!

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yes ( i hope he quit )

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Yeah, he does. :( but not a easy thing to quit. I hope that he does but love him as always!

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I just send a photo recently of him smoking & as much as it's a hot photo and all it's also sad to see considering how much of a great singer he is. I wish he would quit cause I wouldn't want him to ruin himself or his voice. He doesn't come off as a smoker! :( but I still love him! :)

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yes.. unfortunately.. ;(

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wat does he smoke...........

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yeah he still does smoke but it's harder to quit.

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yah. he did smoke...
i hope he can quit as early as possible. because it wouldn't be good for him...

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he does because in a lot of pictures he is smoking,,,,which is really stupid because it can kill him. i know its prob hard to quit but would he rather smoke and die or quit and live??come on Bruno...QUIT!!!!! IM PRAYING FOR YOU :)

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Since he was 20??? I read that he smokes since his adolescence. But I'm not sure.

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sadly yes.. :'( ive heard since he was 20 and he has tried but hasnt succedded yet. TRY HARDER BRUNO..

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He does. I don't know when he started but I've heard that he has tried to stop before. :)