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Does Bruno Mars still smoke or did he quit?


  • Does Bruno Mars still smoke or did he quit?
    June 28 2011 / MadisonHernandez<3
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    Does anyone know?  ohhhh i hope he quit......................

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on June 28 2011

Does anyone know?  ohhhh i hope he quit......................

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Maybe we can send him tweets politely asking him to please stop smoking because we don't want anything to happen to him. Smoking will harm his health and it can also affect his awesome voice.

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I'll be pissed off Bruno If you don't quit. I got sick during my mission not because of the cold

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Bruno Oh my Abraham Lincoln. Smoking again?!

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I really wish he would quit. All of his fans do. It is so bad for him and especially because of his busy schedule and not getting enough rest, it is even worse for his health! He will ruin his beautiful voice and that beautiful smile!!

Hooligan_Gene_x's picture

I heard he had quit but looking at the recent images on this website it shows him smoking, if he does still smoke its his choice I guess but lets all hope that he will stop because smoking can help you die at a young age and life without Peter will be not worth living.. Hopeful Thoughts x x x

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I think Bruno still smokes. I wish he would stop bc I don't want anything to happen to him. I love u Bruno!!!!!!!!!!

BrunoMarsian.'s picture

I really hope he gets through it, if anything happened to him i don't know what i'd do...

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"Smoking kills half of all lifetime smokers." :(

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What are you people talking about?This is Dec.28,2012.I hope that Bruno will try to kick this habit,but it is not easy.He has a beautiful singing voice and I do want him around for a long time.

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Bruno has to drop the damn cigarette. He does not need it!

Rachel Amy O&#039;Connor's picture

im not sure if he's quit but i really hope he has...

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He's trying.

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I saw a picture on Phillip Lawrence's twitter from Jan 22 and Bruno had a Cig. in his hand...very sad and disappointing

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i never new he smoked but hopfully quit lets hope so we want him to be around for a longtime let hope. if bruno is reading this your fans and family and friends want you to quit but if you dont its your chose just take a chance to stop and think about when you do think about all the millions of people that love you! just think about for your family mostly please for me.

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he tries to stop but i c pics of him smoking an di SMH at him

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well I'ts hard to quit so I understand and smoking feels good so... I think you should be worried about his drugsthing haha maybe that first. x

pinkcutiey's picture

omg, i luv dis guy soo muchhh, he shld stop cuz i dnt want any thing to happen to my baby. smokin is unhealthy alright but i stil luvl u no matter wat.....keep wat how to do best cuz he is d bestest. lol

EmiliexBruno's picture

He looks so hot when he smoke... but I still want him to quit, it's unhealthy and can be dangerous...

Mrs.Mars_28's picture

Yeah... unfortunately he still does.. :( but he looks so SEXY when he does it ;) ?

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he still smokes, look at the newest picture which he posted on twitter, there you can see his cigarettes lying on the keyboard :P

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i want he quit

Caro's picture

Yeah, I think so but not often

claudiamars's picture

Yeah he does still smoke. But it doesn't seem like he does very often though. It doesn't really bother me because soooo many people in my family smoke.

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He needs to quit not only is it not healthy but it will ruin his voice :(

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yeah im pretty sure hes still smoking... He really needs to stop... It sucks :P Hes an awesome person and really really really sexy!!! but the problem with him is his smoking... drinkings good but not too much drinking... smoking is just bad... but I guess we can't control him with his choices he makes in life... I know a lot of fans are pretty upset about it. but in the other hand, there isn't too many artists out there who don't do drugs at all. Witch is sad... so I guess that he will still smoke and drink in the future. I really don't know what hes gonna do with his problem with his smoking. all we can really do for us hooligans is just pray that he will quit some day.

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He still smokes but to be honest. It's his life, he can do what ever he wants, he's a grownman. I don't think any of us are to keen on the idea of him smoking but as fans it's so easy to get into something where you feel like he shouldn't do things and make it a big issue, lot's of us have done it or probably will when we find something we don't like but hey, at the end of the day we can't really do much about these things.

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Okay Lady Hooligans, we re going to have to unite and take over every store that sells cigarettes..So when he decide to go on a cig run or have someone do it for him...he or someone will have to face one of us. He will be like, "hey, can i get a pack of newport shorts." And a hooligan will be like.,"O u havent heard boo, we cant sell it to talent artist such as yourself." He will give us the "WTH" look and then say,"WOOOWWW". Then Hooligans we will give him the biggest puppy dog eyes and start pouting,sulking,and tearing up. He will say,"dont cry i will get something else."(such as hott cheetos & pespi). IN order for this mastermind plan to work(evil laughs..haha) we will have to pay off some of the band members and get the family on R side. Now im game for this mastermind plan so I'm taking over these states stores: South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina,Tennesee, and Florida. I love it, I love it. boot up, suit up, lets go...

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@Andrea Marie exactly!!!

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but i think he does still smoke. and yeah, its hard. but getting known was hard too. so if he can become famous, he can do anything. YOU CAN DO IT PLEASE QUIT! :)

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i saw a video last year of him smoking but then i heard that his greatest achievement was quitting. But everyone's saying how in the Vogue Magazine he's smoking. that probably doesnt mean anything. maybe it was just for the picture? but i hope he quits because if he loses his voice....he'll throw all that he worked so hard for away :(