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How tall is Bruno?


  • How tall is Bruno?
    January 3 2011 / LilRed
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    I'm just wondering how tall he is. I searched for it and it said there he's 5'2! That's too short for 25-year-old guy. (No offense to Bruno if that's really his height.)

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on January 03 2011

I'm just wondering how tall he is. I searched for it and it said there he's 5'2! That's too short for 25-year-old guy. (No offense to Bruno if that's really his height.)

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BrunoFreak, the pic doesn't make any sense because the numbers are going backwards!! LOL!
Too bad for me.. I'm 5'8 and 13 years old.... that's sad. Keep growing Bruno!

frina nihin's picture

its enough in my country 5'5 its enough tall

I_LovesBruno23's picture

hahaha that was funnyy!!

Taylor Marz Sarz's picture

He's 7ft Or so he says LOL, but the 8 was below the 7 so nope just 5'5

I_LovesBruno23's picture

@Bonjour he's 5'5/5'6 not 5'2 hahaha :)

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cant be 6'2 coz then all his friends must be like 63-7ft are there no short ppl in america ?! if he is 5'2 same hight as me so thats cool wiv me baby xx

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@Emma_LovesBruno23 i knooowww.... but still it's funny as hell! hahaha

I_LovesBruno23's picture

hahaha it iss!! :D

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@BrunoFreak hahahaa!! the numbers are going down!! :D #nicetrythoughbruno !! xD

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I'm gonna quote him and say: "I'm tired of answering this question. For the last time, I'm 6'2". #nextquestion"

But actually he's 7ft tall... Here's the proof:
hahaha catch ya!!!

Sinath Leang's picture

yeah, he's 5'5 but he claims he's 6'2 ;)

I_LovesBruno23's picture

5'5 or 5'6 i think he's 5'6 but everyone says he's 5'5 :) im 5'6 and im 14!! :D

datdoowophooliganMAICA's picture

i thought he was 5'6?

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he 5'5. I'm 11 and as tall as him now that's saying something

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yeah hes like 5'5 and i love that because im like 5'2 so its a perfect match!!! we would make a great couple! haha @Emica i totally agree!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU BRUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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No, he is 5'5 (165 cm) And it doesnt matter how tall are you, important is personality of person and Bruno IS great singer and person. So respect for Bruno. Bruno love ya

iluvfoodmars's picture

@Emica Hell YES!!!

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Big things come in small packages :D LOVE YA BRUNO lol xD

iluvfoodmars's picture

I thought he was 5'5" That's not that bad. Short guys are hot :D

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brunomarsgirl11's picture

short (cute) (: . i might be the same height as him

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I met him on Thursday! and he actually is really short but you don't really notice it when you're with him.. haha lookin back at my picture I look SOOOO much taller than him (I'm 5'9") even with his fedora, so yeah I would say he is around 5'5".

Caitlin Fahdoraa' Marss's picture

5'5 :)

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whatch my youtube vvideos!!
i cqan sing pretty well(: i did a bruno mars medley for my talent show and won 1st!

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We've already answered this question - it's 5'5!

ViksyIAmMe's picture

he is shorter than me with 5s! i wont to be shorter right now!

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between 5''4 and 5"5

Sim mars96's picture

4ft 5

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Brunno is SMOKIN' hot! :P

Rabbia Asif Sarwar's picture

Bruno is 1.65 cm :o