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on September 21 2011
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LOL. it's a fun game anyway! :)

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that does not look like him thats just........weird it a pervertish way

TheHawaiianLioness's picture

Dang you got me....AGAIN!!!!!! xD

BM'sHooligan's picture

i hesitated before clicking....

I_LovesBruno23's picture

danng! i fall for this everytimee!! xD @Mickalea426 yeah that doesnt look like bruno :p

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dude i thought i was a real perv for clicking on this..........made me think i was unclean.....XD but anyway, we already talked about this........*cough*jacked up doll*cough cough*

TheHawaiianLioness's picture

Oh haha this again xD

Venus_01's picture

me 2. Sometimes I try different styles on hiM! gorgeous!

JulianaTheHooligan's picture

i dress him up all bruno-ish and stare all satsfied at the results lol

Venus_01's picture

you too? haha I kept searching a bruno dress up game until I found this one :)

JulianaTheHooligan's picture

hahahahahahaha i love this game

Venus_01's picture

HAHA. I had so much fun playing this game :) and his body is good here. :)

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you got me, although, even i am a fan of bruno, id don't think i want to see him naked lol

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Haha! lmao

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LOL, I was punked. haha I thought u meant a real pic, hehe. :x

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Ahhhh...that's funny! I thought it will be a real pic too!!! LOL :) good one

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haha, he has no neck (:

I_LovesBruno23's picture

DANG GIRL. i thought it was a real picture!! you got me excitedfor nothing!!

Cha-cha Elsa Tesalonika's picture

sh!t -.- i thought it' real pict