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What are Bruno Mars' tattoos of??


  • What are Bruno Mars' tattoos of??
    November 15 2010 / Aussie_Hooligan
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    I've always wondered what Bruno Mars' tattoo were. Does anyone know???

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on November 15 2010

I've always wondered what Bruno Mars' tattoo were. Does anyone know???

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trust me dont get a tatoo my aunt said its like a cat diggin into u 4 hours i wanted one 2 but my mom doesnt want 2 n now i dont

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I’ve gotten 3 tattoos so far… I’m guessing it doesn’t hurt as bad because there must be a reason that people tend to get more than one tattoo..

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Here is a nice post about tattoos of Bruno Mars!! Have a look :

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His tatoo's are Freakin Kool LOL... When i get older i want at least 1 tatoo but im afraid it will hurt LOL

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I Do have a ver good pic of them. He has one of his arms up so you can see the ones you've never seen b4

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Do you have an address that can reach Bruno Mars?

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any one got a pic of them>

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His tattos are-a gypsy(it's for good luck),an anchor,his mom's name(Bernadette-I think that's how you spell it,I can't remember),a knife that says "Pete's boy"(he got it with his dad),and he had a sacred heart but he thought it looked like an "a** shooting fire" so he got it covered up. He also got a new tattoo but I don't know what it looks like.

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He has a Gypsy on his left forearm.
He has a anchor on his right forearm.
He has his mothers name on his right shoulder
And he has "Pete's boy" on his left bicep

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@Sheri2010- Yes!!!! Haha, that's so true!

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I don't know what Bruno's tattoos are because I can't stare at him to long otherwise I might cry because he is so damn beautiful. ; )

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Duh ! Women are beautiful, but men are HANDSOME, and that leaves " babies and monkeys " to fill the CUTE category ! Bruno Mars is EXTREMELY handsome ! ( wink, wink ).

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bruno has a pic of a girl on his four arm

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he has his mother's name tattooed on him.

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Haha that video was so funny! He's a really funny guy.

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jaja quiero un tatuaje de bruno mars en mi brazo

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Oh ok, thanks. I'll watch it. He's so funny in all his videos. I always laugh when I watch them. He's got a good personality and good music!

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you can also watch the interview with lady la on

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There's also a video on youtube. Just search Bruno Mars interview Lady La. Its really funny.

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Haha, I just watched that video and its really funny :D

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I just found a video,where he explains all his tattoos

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Owwww...isn't that sweet getting a tattoo of his mum.

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He said on an interview that the first one he got was of a Sacred Heart but it ended up looking like a "butt shooting fire" since it was upside down. His mother was mad so he got a tattoo of her on his arm. I'm not sure if he got the Sacred heart removed or not but I think so, being it looks like he now has a anchor on his other arm.

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I Think Im Not Sure.. But A Lady In One Arm & The Other Who Dont Know