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Where should Bruno perform next?


  • Where should Bruno perform next?
    October 1 2010 / Bruno Mars WebCrew
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    Where would you like to see Bruno perform next?

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on October 01 2010

Where would you like to see Bruno perform next?

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Frisco, TX
Arlington, TX
I thought I heard he will be playing at the American Airlines Center but also heard it could be Toyota in Frisco. However, Im not able to find tickets. Is this just a rumor????

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Algeria because non of any star of the world did that so that would be so cool if that happened

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My bedroom. ... ... ... haaaaa! I'm fuckin with ya! Uhm, he's already coming to my city in a couple of days, so I'm happy. I think he should hit up the Antarctic. He ain't never been there! Haha. Seriously though, he should chill for a while, catch his breath, and catch up with us Hooligans.

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LOL Nex @ "my bedroom". I was waiting to see how long before someone said that. No Antarctic, cant have our boy freezing to death. He is more than welcome back here in Chicago!

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Yesss. I'm the one to say it. I'll scream for an encore, and demand a return visit.
Metallica did it (did I ever tell you the time I told Lars Ulrich to go fuck himself to his face? Funny story)! I think Bruno could do just fine in the Antarctic.
Maybe he should hit up space some day like Gaga (she is still doing that, right?). I mean, WHAT'S HIS NAME? WHAT'S HIS NAME!? MARS! EXACTLY. Hahaha

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Lol, too funny. How was your show last night?

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It was awesome. My mom is older and had to sit down now and then, and the girls around me kept running into the aisle to take selfies (wtf?), and the couple in front of me kept going somewhere, so while I was dancing like a goober (surrounded by no one, makes ya stand out a bit), Phil pointed and waved at me. I'm more used to rock, hiphop, reggae and jawaiian shows that I was sort of dancing the way you do at those kinds of shows. 12th row is actually nice. I think Bruno looked at me a few times... so I tested my theory by sticking my tongue out at him, and there was a very slight hitch/waver sounding like he was holding back a chuckle. (I've got a trained ear, started producing when I was 12... but stopped due to financial issues and laziness. I notice shit. Or it could have been coincidence)

The couple in front of me (that kept disappearing) got me to take pictures of them now and then. PEOPLE! CAN'T YOU DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET FOR A FEW FUCKING HOURS?!

The opening act, Nico & Vinz were great. They're from Oslo, Norway. I wish more people stood up. I felt a little self-conscious standing up and dancing (didn't stop me, though). Yay, another Norwegian group! (Check them out, and also check out Madcon, and O-Bee/Omer Bhatti. Good Norwegian acts)

Before the show, while we were waiting, this woman beside me was like "C'mon, Bruno. Stop acting like a diva." hahaha I really fucking died right there. The arena managed to do the wave about 10 times.

Seeing all of it live instead of on YouTube is quite awesome. Like...Brunoooo...wat you doiiiin to meeee? Hahaha. He's so much thinner, man! He's not our chubby lil oompa loompa no more! Haha. I hope he doesn't get so fit he starts ripping off his shirt. :/ I mean, I don't wanna die! Not yet! I'm still a virgin! Ahh!

I got le yellow shirt, and le hat. My own shirt somehow managed to get undone during the show. There is gold confetti all over my floor. And I just ate some KFC. I think I'm still in the Jungle.

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LMAO! Sounds like you had a great time! Stay in the Jungle....its a good place to be!

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Back in LA please!!!

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North Carolina . . . again

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Philadelphia or North Carolina

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Please come to PERU! PERU! PERU!

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PLeaaaaaase come to POLAND !!!!!!!!!!! :(

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we'd love to see Bruno Mars performing here in Romania! Please Bruno come here!

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Bruno's percentage isn't going up. Gaga is catching up. Let's do this for Bruno. Vote for him on "Who Was Your Favorite 2013 VMA Performer. He would be so thrilled. You have to admit, he was the BEST performer at the VMAs. CLICK ON:

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HOOLIGANS!!! Lets Vote For BRUNO MARS!! On "Who Was Your Favorite 2013 VMA Performer? (POLL)" LETS MAKE HIM PROUD!

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Toronto again!

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We'd love to see Mr. Bruno Mars performing here in the Philippines.

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HOOLIGANS!!! Lets Vote For BRUNO MARS!! On "Who Was Your Favorite 2013 VMA Performer? (POLL)"

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Lithuania !!!LITHUANIA!!!! Lithuania !! <3 <3 <3

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♥ Please, please, please, please come to Turkey ♥ we are very happy to come to Turkey :)♥

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Please come to South Africa!!!

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South Africa!!! <3

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South Africa!!!! <3