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who's bruno mars girlfriend....


  • who's bruno mars girlfriend....
    December 18 2010 / mimi leeya
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on December 18 2010


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Let the private life of the man aside.

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He doesN't have a girlfriend.

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his girlfriends name is jessi.. (2012)

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You mean 2010.

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well in september 2012 he said he was dating someone but i think they broke up!

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no one he's single...and dating geezz.

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They broke up a loooooooonnnngggg time ago.

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Chanel Malvar

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@ivy Hernandez well if she's ugly, than that means, us 'ugly' girls got chance.

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those are old photos, the broke up two years ago.

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well I've just seen photos of him kissing some girl named chanel malvar (who btw is ugly!)

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@StarsBrighten they say that was months ago round october he had his arms around her in paris and had a shopping spree shes some chick from a tv show...but months afetr he told ryan seacrest he was single :) but idk if he has one now in december-January! :(

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i want to but im not

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i don´t understand nothing!!!

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people said that he was at a beach with this girl.
he had his arm around her and went shopping with her.

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no he doesn't he even said he was said he was single okay---I'm his g/f.

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i don´t know this but people tell me he has got girfriend T-T nooooooooooooooo bruno T-T i want be girfriend of he

MrsPeterGeneHernandez's picture

So he doesn't have a girlfriend? :)

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I'd love to be she!!!

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haha.. agree!! :))

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He already has a wife, ME!!!

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im his wife ! haha !

razel filipina's picture

yesss.. :)) haha (smile)

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no it is just gtossip and rumorn and there is NO proof that they ARE dating. Bruno said he was single , so he's single.

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Amelle Berrabah..?? ohh is this gurl is the girl in the music video of chris brown ??.. crawl?? i think!!??

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that is soooo last month...and that was also unproven rumor.

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I heard he's with Rocsi from 106th and Park on BET