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Hi !

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Okay ! What's with the cap ? I like the HAT better, but I prefer the POMPADOU, because it reminds me of Bruno as Elvis ! I think Bruno is going back to his High-School days, with the curly style, and WE do not like it ! Including Wendy Williams ! Hum-m-m-m-m ! If you must wear a CAP, because of " bad hair " days, caps with BRUNO on them ! Thank you very much. ( P.S. I am glad this was posted to your website, because I fell asleep last night, but I will remain on the computer tonight, until Bruno Mars' name is announced !

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hey there.. are you bruno..? that is why i idolize you since we had a compliment.. i wear CAP too cuz of ma "bad hair" .. ohh la la.. i wonder why always wearing a cap and i hear.. just now..