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I'm Mexican & proud to be <3 I'm also proud to be a Hooligan ! I'm OBSESSED over Bruno Mars that I just can't explain it <3 I also love dancing & hope to become professional (: I also hope to meet Bruno Mars one day <3 :D I'm the oldest of my 2 sisters . I'm 14 & in 9th grade . Am I too young to be obsessed over Bruno Mars ? haha NAH . <3

I'm ALWAYS listening to Bruno Mars & watching him on youtube . <3 if not then I'm outside exercising (:
Favorite Bands: 
Duh Bruno Mars ! lol but I really like maroon 5 , David guetta , Taylor swift , Cher Lloyd & others (:
United States
Lesly Patino (:
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@less_lahee FOLLOW ME !
Favorite Bruno Mars Song: 
I love today my life begins & gorilla <3 but obviously I adore the other ones too! <3
Best Bruno Mars Live Experience: 
On July 28,2013 it was seriously the best day of my life & I will never ever forget it because it was the day I got to see my role model, my idol, my husband, my life <3
Favorite Bruno Mars Lyric: 
"Pretty girl , pretty girl , pretty girl you should be smilin . A girl like you should never look so blue" <333 there's a lot more that I love though ;D
If You Met Bruno Mars, What Would You Want To Tell Him?: 
I would be just SPEECHLESS ! I met this guy at the beach thinking it was Bruno Mars because he looked EXACTLY like him . I was crying so much & laughing & just so excited & speechless! My reaction was just like unbelievable . Just imagine how I would react if it was really bruno mars <333 but I would tell Bruno mars that I really truly do love him . & that I'm just OBSESSED with him . I know there's other people in the world that say they love him more but I don't care . I love him because he's amazing just the way he is <3 he's my idol & everyone at my school knows I adore him so much ! I wanna meet him so bad & just give him a kiss in the cheek & give him a big hug & never let him go! ))): lol but yeah I would just take a million of pictures with him & have a real conversation with him & AGH I just love him so much ! I would cry so much & break down if I really did meet him. It would be the best day ever & I'm not gonna give up to meet him because its my dream & dreams do come true <3 HOOLIGAN FOR LIFE <3 :D
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