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I was born on 22 march,1995.My hometown at malaysia and I was a biggest fan of Bruno Mars.When first time I listened to bruno's song I felt fall in love with the lyrics.Before this ,I'm love MJ's song but now I found the right person to replaced the king of pop Michael Jackson . I think Bruno Mars will make it and be the next king of pop for the next century...
Bruno Mars also have huge talent and nice vocal harmony , he can croon and belt out a song.. That,s why we called him Bruno Mars....

Negeri Sembilan
1)Watching the new movie... 2)Playing games... 3)Listened to your song... 4)Singing when have free time but my voice not sound good.. 5)Searching internet...
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Not register again..
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1)Billionair.. 2)Grenade... 3)It will rain.. 4)When I was your man.. 5)Moonshine... 6)Runaway baby... 7)Just the way you are...
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1)When i was your man.. 2)Billionair... 3)Just the way you are...
If You Met Bruno Mars, What Would You Want To Tell Him?: 
1)Can you sing a song live infront of me... 2)Why you change your hair style for 2013... 3)Can we hang out together as a friend only for one day...
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Bruno Mars is so amazing......