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Mariano Belido

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Mariano Belido
Campos dos Goytacazes
I like taking pictures, especially of sunrise and sunset, practice some sports, take information to other fans through my page, listen to music, movies, etc ..
Mariano Lins de Souza Belido
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Just The Way You Are
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Fan, word containing only three letters. But it has a meaning so extensive and intense. Only those who really feel it, you know understand. Fan is not one that has several photos with his idol, is not one that has all the posters, magazines ... but is one who loves his idol unconditionally. That admires, respects, that above all things want to see your happy idol and strives to see the happiness of his idol. Rate by boiling the awards, fight, cry and ... wins! It may take, but overcome. "God does not give us a burden greater than we can bear" that is, if we have a dream which often sounds impossible, you can succeed. God has given us this dream, and it was not in vain.
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