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Im 16 and i love to sing dance and my passion is acting. im from Detroit, MI but currently live else where. I never knew who my fav. male artist was until i heard bruno mars. i love his music,it tells a story. ever song he makes just connects to me i love it. my fav songs by him are talking to the moon, locked out of heaven, liquor store blues, other side, and now young girls are my most favorite.

Think, sing, dance ,act, watch brothers,and sleep.
United States
Favorite Bruno Mars Song: 
Liquor Store blues Gernade Locked out of heaven Other side Talking to the moon Young girls Our first time
Best Bruno Mars Live Experience: 
none want to meet him
Favorite Bruno Mars Lyric: 
1.At night when the stars light up my room i sit by self talking to the moon 2.I Gave you all i had and u tossed it in the trash. 3.Truth of the matter is i complicated 4. its better if you dont understand 5.Take me to a place where i dont care, This is me and my liquor store Blues, i take one shot for my pain one drag for my sorrow, get messed up today, be okay tomorrow 6. Clothes are not required for what we have planned 7. like ice cream on a sunny day, gonna eat you before u melt away 8.cause your sex takes me to paradise,and it shows 9. you make me feel like ive been locked out of heaven for to long 10. can i just stay here spend the rest of my days here 11. start to believe my own lies like everything will be okay 12.these roads steer me wrong, but i still drive them all night long 13. im addcited and i dont knw why i guess ive always been this way 14. i get lost in the words i say
If You Met Bruno Mars, What Would You Want To Tell Him?: 
honestly i wouldnt know what to say but if i had to something ....... i would probably tell him i his music is an inspiration to me and i connect to it emotional,and dont ever i mean ever stop writing music.
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so mi b-day is in a couple of weeks and i want 2 bruno