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Philip Lawrence

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Philip Lawrence
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PHILIP LAWRENCE is a singer, songwriter and performer who is quickly becoming one of the music industry's most sought after songwriters. Born in a small town in Indiana, Philip moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the recording industry. After years of hard work and determination, he’s finally making his mark. Recently teamed up with artist/producer BRUNO MARS to form the production team THE SMEEZINGTONS. Recent hits include "Just The Way You Are, [Bruno Mars]" "Nothin' On You" [B.o.B], "F*ck You" [Cee-Lo] and "Billionaire" [Travie McCoy].

United States
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hope fans of philip will check out my review of 'letters i never sent' on my web site!

please let me know what you think :-)

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hi Philip... when you come to Ecuador or Latin america??

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Hi Philip Some of Bruno's fans have created a video wishing him a happy birthday. Is there any way we can get it to him for his birthday? I know you guys are touring, but any info would be helpful. Thanks

By the way, you and your band are so talented. You guys and Bruno make a very great team. Saw the show in North Carolina this past Summer and it was awesome. I had such a great time. Love all of you.

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Hi Philip I absolutely love The Lazy Song video where you come behind Bruno when he is talking about having really nice sex and you say Oh my God, this is great and the other guys are chasing you away!! Every time I watch the video, it makes me laugh. The song is a really fun song.

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Hey Phil, you're so funny. Haha, i love you. Please come to INDONSIA. :D

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I love your energy Philip

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who are those handsome guy over there.hahah oh is just philip and bruno;D

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dfagdfggdssasdfghjgfd I LOVE YOUR GLASSES <3

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you got a great sense of humor man!

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Portugal needs Hooligans

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Guys remember voting for Bruno at the KCA :D!

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I love you. I love Dre. I love Phred. I love Kenji. I love Ari. I love Jam. I love BRUNO. I love Eric. I love Kameron. I love Ryan. And I I love the Hooligans. I got a new family, and I love them so much.
If you ever read this (I don't think you do, but..)
I'm so gratefull.

- Victoria ?B^)

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I love you Phillip

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Philip !! Your a-w-e-s-o-m-e you know that? xx

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Please Come to Japan! I love your voice, music, performance and everything you create. Love YOU!

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Philip, lloooooove your work.. You're Amazing..

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my dream?
to meet you, and to meet bruno mars :)
i love you

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I love you i am an OFFICIAL HOOLIGAN. :)))

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You & Bruno is amazing ? Love everything about you guys.

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Loooooooove you phil! You're awesome :]

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Both u n Bruno r amazing..
Funny coz i had a dream that Bruno was too short for me x_x ..
Kinda BLEEHHH ..
Do me a favorr !!! ;;)

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i saw y'alls concert in alabama on the 20th of may
OMG you guys are amazing
i miss yall dearly it was the best night of my life
i cant wait to have children and past on my stories of bruno and you
miss you guys like heck :D

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love you,,,,,,,

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Omg u and Bruno r like best friends rite?? Like every youtube video ive watched its always u and him or just him or just u
U guys are a awesome team keep up the magnificent work!!
Haha ur laughs r so funny!! Anyway can u guys book a concert
in fall river? U will make a 13 yr old girl very happy!! Needless
to say ur awesome and I hope u plan a concert in fall river!!

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sorry bella but I must steal ur status!!

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You are so funny, cool and you singing really good! :D

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In response to Presley Hernandez' tweet last night

For Bruno Mars WOW this is so incredible!I am speechless.That must have been such a great moment for the Hernandez family. @BrunoMars you did it.You got your dream and what you've always take care of your family and provide for them.No words will ever describe how much you make me proud.I'm telling you, you inspire me everyday more and more.You push me so far to do things so that my passion grows even stronger.I want to do what you are doing;having a career that I love what I do and I am able to take care of my family.There isn't a minute that goes by where I am not thinking about you or my future.You've become such a huge impact on my life.Wow, i'm about to cry...this is crazy.I don't even know you but I feel like I do. Bruno, if you are reading this, you have given me the courage to be strong.I have faced so many obstacles in my life,like dealing with a life-threatening illness,and its been an emotional roller coaster but YOU have made it better.You've given me the strength to pick myself up again in the toughest situations.You're such a genuine person with a big heart and I see it...whether its when I am listening to your music or when I look at your smile.It just makes me want to hug you forever and never let go.The people who are a part of your life are lucky to know you and be able to see be a part of your family...must feel amazing.You all are so reminds me of my family which makes me feel closer to YOU.Everyone is just so proud and grateful...your family,the hooligans,the band...e.t.c. Life wouldn't be the same without out the one and only Bruno Mars

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I love your voice:))))))))))))))))))

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You should come to Uruguay

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You An Bruno Seem Like You Guys Have Funn :) You Will Love Az .. Also Your Voice Is Nice I'm Yuhr Fan Also :)

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hay! please come to the Polish have many fans here who, like I wanted to see you live.

Annika ft. Bruno Mars ♥'s picture

Please take care of Bruno, I'm worried about him!

marta mondaray's picture

cool photos! biggest spanish fan!
love you guys! xoxo

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Wellington Luiz CENOURINHA's picture

Talking To The Moon

Wellington Luiz (CENOURINHA) Brazil
20 de Novembro de 2011

Wellington Luiz CENOURINHA's picture

Talking To The Moon

Wellington Luiz (CENOURINHA) Brazil
20 de Novembro de 2011

Wellington Luiz CENOURINHA's picture

Talking To The Moon

Wellington Luiz (CENOURINHA) Brazil
20 de Novembro de 2011

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Boy, you're so much fun, kkk
Tears of laughter with their videos and posts

Brazil... **Huhuhuhuhuuuuuuu

Lilian S2 (Sao Paulo)

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Come to PORTUGAL ! We ? The Hooligans

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O Philip e d+++++++++++++

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You are so crazy!!!

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You are so cool! :)