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Here is the new "MONKEY" drum cover of Lazy Song! check out is awesomre!

If you like it please share it!

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hi, how are you? there is no chance for me to look in his eyes. they all push me to the next person... I am sad. make me smile!!

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Hello :) Have u added me to your msn or? Because i haven't got the request :)

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Heey there. :)
Yesss he got the Scrapbook. I wrote a review about everything here -> :)

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hi ratreno! i like your name. haha...

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Hey Ratreno. :)
Well... my nerves .. are going crazy! :D I'm more than excited and can't wait for those 4 days to pass.
thank you for your nice comment. :) made me smile a lot.
god bless,
- vanessa

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omg i was on the side toooo! it sucked so much, but at least i saw him :D

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haha yep, it's awesome that we're both from melb :D did you see bruno when he came?

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you like medical shows huh?? my favourites are HOUSE M.D. and Grey's anatomy!! :D

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heyyyyyy :D

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Hellooo :)
well I don't really get what you mean (sorry.) Everyone is doing the pages via WORD or just writes everything done via e-mail.
I hope I could help you. :)

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Hey there, oooh yes I will ! :D Thank you for taking part. :) x

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thanks for commenting on my discussion! :)

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hey :D

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Thanks for the comment on runaway or stay & play. I agree play, play , play and play some more until he is the one to crawl to the door. lol

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Heya! :) Yeah I'm from Victoria haha. OMGOSH does that mean you like footy? Did you go to the concert in Melbourne? hehe there is one other Victorian hooligan that I KNOW OF on here, and a few other aussies ;)

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thank you so much!!!!! i just did my contest entry dance, and i'm about to put it up in a disscusion. thank you so much for your support!!!!!!!!!! i love my hooligans SISTAHS!!!!!!!!!!! MHWA!!

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and thank for comment on my disscussion

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Yeah I know what you mean ;P

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thanks for commenting on my disscussion board :)

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oo...i like to make stuff like from recyled stuff.go see my blog if u want to know what i mean.i love sketching too.i love photography.hee...ohh,u've been to malaysia?Thats nice.i've never been to Australia bfore

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Thanks for the comments on my discussion(:

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No worries :)
Anyone who doesn't have MARS SARS is just missing out, and they all think that we're crazy, but we all know that THEY'RE the crazy ones :)
Oh yeah, Lea is VERY funny hahaha. Gotta love stereotyping, right?
Well, hot husband is awesome, no matter what nationality haha :)
I'll let you know how I go. If you end up joining, leave me a comment. I should be joined up by the end of the week :)
Talk later :)
(man I love smiley faces :) )

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thanks for commenting on my discussion board!:D

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hi..about my video of the Bruno Mars of the Philippines, thanks for appreciating his the way, never mind what the judges said..they just gave all positive comments about buildex :))