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Shari Lynn
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One day, I was having a conversation with a guy, and as we were discussing what I was looking for, I mentioned that I wanted to find someone who said "I like you just the way you are". He asked me to repeat the words, so I did, over and over. Say it..."You're amazing...just the way you are." Bruno, you were the guy and I never imagined how big this would get. You are amazing. No one would ever believe me if I told them this, but if you do remember, please send a message to

Coral Springs
writing, counseling
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Bruno Mars Chicago
United States
Shari Lynn (Sharonaleah)
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Bruno Mars
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Favorite Bruno Mars Song: 
Just the Way You Are
Best Bruno Mars Live Experience: 
When he sang for me, my heart floated. Bruno is the most talented musician I have ever met.
Favorite Bruno Mars Lyric: 
when I see your smile
If You Met Bruno Mars, What Would You Want To Tell Him?: 
Do you remember me?
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Like the lyrics to Locked Out of Heaven? I wrote the them.