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I met Bruno on the 16th August 2011 and it was literally the best moment of my life.

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BRUNO MARS - Smeezingtons!!!
United Kingdom
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The Lazy Song & The Otherside
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Hi Vicky, I was waiting outside the venue, fortunately there were only a handful of people there, when Bruno walked past and it was easy to get his attention. I don't think it would happen again now, though. He is way too popular. But I did meet Kenji ( he's adorable) in the same way at the concert last month. xx

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i have noo idea what time im getting there :/ still need to tell my rents im going! what time you thinking of getting there?? yeahhhh he wwas soo lovely in person, so friendly and phil! i waited after his album launch show but bruno went straight into the car cos of paps but phil came talked to us! I CANT WAITTTT TILL SUNDAY! ONLY 3 DAYS!

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hey, i met him outside the club he was doing a gig at back in september :) but i didnt go to the gig cos it was for over 18s :( SO excited about this sunday though! gonna be AMAZING!!!!!! AHHH