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Dancing, Listening to music, Go to the GYM and Watcing movies!!!
Favorite Bands: 
So many....
Favorite Bruno Mars Song: 
All she knows, Marry you, The other side, Who is, liquid store blues, and of course.... It will rain, Talking to the moon, Grenade and LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN!!!!
Best Bruno Mars Live Experience: 
Come to Greece and i will have the greatest experience of my life!!!!!!!
Favorite Bruno Mars Lyric: 
"But they're just afraid of something they can't understand", "Open up your gates cause I can't wait to see the light... And right there is where I wanna stay"
If You Met Bruno Mars, What Would You Want To Tell Him?: 
"I so glad i see you and here you're voice. I love the lyrics of you're songs, i love they way you stand up when you sing, you're passion. I love you and "Please can you sing to me All she knows"??? " hahahaha
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Hi sweetie :) #Hooliganlove to ya :D

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So glad i be here!!! I love you My Bruno!!!!