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Grenade Grammy Skit

Grenade Grammy Skit
Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on February 23 2011

Grenade Grammy Skit

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jennyhernandez's picture

where's the lyrics? and by the way I loved this performance!

KimWalker's picture

this is a strong wonderful song and i love it

mury's picture

i love this song...

Miriαm Mαrs's picture

Grenade is my favorite song in the world (:

GabbyGarcia's picture

i love u bruno mars i lisen to all your songs

alexsandro rodrigues's picture

sou mais a cout

alexsandro rodrigues's picture

bruno mars essa musica e mutoo bala

Bárbara Sanglard's picture

Grenade é uma das melhores músicas que el tem ! Mas o que ele canta é tudo perfeito !

JazmineKerr's picture

Grenade is my favorite song in the world

Nida Mars's picture