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Behind The Photo Shoot (Puerto Rico) via

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on May 24 2011

Check out's behind-the-scenes video from Bruno Mars' photo shoot in Puerto Rico!


RobertaKuqi's picture

Ohh, he is very beautiful and talented.Hope, One day to meet him.This is my dream.Brunoo you are my idol <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Unty Mare's picture

Very talented, great personality, funny sense of humor plus good looking. It must be nice being you.

mariangel's picture simply sexy this man!!!! i love him...from colombia to mars!!!

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John leo's picture

Bruno mars hair is look like JOHNY BRAVO!!

BRUNO&#039;S GAL's picture

You are so sexy my dear

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Bowie's picture

Awwww!! He's so cute and hot as usual!!! LOVE you, Bruno!!

JujuBMars's picture

OMG the last part where he is w/ hat lil model girl is just tooo cute! Bruno be my baby daddy! lmfaooo

i love bruno mars 333's picture

hahaha ilove him why are you laughing i dont understand

Zoe_8's picture

So cute be a father...

Alexus_2's picture

He is just great! Hes so sincere and adorable. And id love to see his pecs and his abs and his triceps ;D

Brunomarsfan12's picture

That girl is LUCKY!! He looked so sexy! And Why are you laughing?? lol

CharlotteHernandez's picture

Do you not think it's time we see your abs Bruno?'s picture

so this was just a photoshoot and not a new video? I was so excited for it :( well whatever BRUNO MARS LOOKS SO HOT!!!

CaitlinHernandez♪♥'s picture

he has to be the most beautiful man to walk on this earth, ever.

NikkiLovesBruno3's picture

The photos with you in it are always beautiful
But these are special, and i love it! ?

cool_mica's picture

wow!!!!!he keeps on being humble...i love him

ugoblueblue's picture

wow he was loving shooting with her !!!

MYO's picture

I will always love you...Bruno !!!!

yuna66's picture

Haha that was funny. :)

Sania Manda's picture

oh my bruno....

miniauger's picture

He is so funny, what a amazing artist! He is unique, there are not a lot of artist like him!

aasia_'s picture

:O ? damn he is freaking HOT!

Jul Юля's picture

Amazing!!! Bruno the Best!!!

JulieJochik's picture

I LOVE it:))

brunomarcia's picture

see?? under these photos in the video ppl were saying that he was shooting for the marry you video.... i guess they were wrong...

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Show us your ABS Bruno! :D :D