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Bruno Covers Vibe Magazine

  • Bruno Covers Vibe Magazine

    Check out Bruno Mars covering this month's Vibe magazine alongside Wiz Khalifa and B.o.B! The issue hits stands on February 22nd, so be sure to pick it up!

    Posted by Busy
    February 11, 2011

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Busy's picture
on February 11 2011

Check out Bruno Mars covering this month's Vibe magazine alongside Wiz Khalifa and B.o.B! The issue hits stands on February 22nd, so be sure to pick it up!


Taylor Marz Sarz's picture


Marilena's picture

oh now Bruno is on the cover of VIBE magazine!!!Gratz!

Emi Amoroso's picture

how do you do this .. so cool to be .. kiss ya ...

maria das graças's picture

Bruno Mars , The Best!

brunomars64's picture

WOW.... can bruno mars look any hotter?????

Kelly Huang's picture

Can't wait to own the magazine :D

filchawy.x3's picture

You are The Best Bruno !

I♥br♥no's picture

Who's really focused@the face hes matter what he looks great just b cuz hes sings sooo sweet doesn't mean hedont got that hooligan bad boy in there toooo! Hes really got it all!

I♥br♥no's picture

Im so happy for bruno succes a grammy front page of vibe..i appreciate bruno so much and I just hope he lastfor ever

MrzBrUnO4ever's picture

wow turn on dha ceiling fan or get meh a plane 2 antartica

jaazz's picture

I'm so buying this !

Mar-leen's picture

bruno you are so HOT!! you guys look badass!! i'm fo'sho gettin this magazine

chanel_3's picture

so cool i am getin that magezing

iluvmusic's picture

Looks too harsh. Bruno and Wiz Khalifa should be smiling - doesn't look natural. I'd rather see those pearly whites!

Marie Love Bruno Mars ♥♥'s picture

You're the best Bruno Mars ! Love you !

SupahLeizelle's picture

You should be at the middle!

Laura_53's picture

Congratulations Bruno !
You look Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!

candy552's picture

better hide ur kids hide ur wife bruno is comin lookin flyyy

CarolRancel's picture

For when a concert in Spain? We can not wait to hear that fantastic voice live!

Passion_Panda's picture

Cmon, Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa collaboration. Plz let there be a collabo.

Bruno's fan_2's picture

Please, can somebody answer me: Does Bruno talk with his fans? Thanks

P.S. Photo is *__*

Cindy3's picture

Waauuw Bruno're awesome !!

Amazing voice !


From the Netherlands, :)

jessie_16's picture

Wow Bruno you got it going on!!!! You look sooo hot!!!!

Leena3_2's picture

sexy, bad boys ;)

leah_20's picture

look at my Bruno makin that cover look good . . . dang Bruno so you on the cover of magazines in a different city almost every night I see your name in shinning lights now all you need is a billion its like those words are becoming reality you flying high like a rocket . . . . what is that is it a bird is it a plane no its Bruno hes a star

Lakchmy's picture

Bruno has this good boy charm and yet kindda rebel look...

Samanta_2's picture

through the night talking to the moon, hoping that someday you can still find! Love You

NikkiLovesBruno3's picture

Bruno is amazing!

AndreaTorres's picture

I love Bruno Mars
Cantas espectacular!!!
Tus canciones son Lo mejor!

sweetlovezki's picture

bruno i think i wanna marry you haha love you :)