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Bruno Drops By The Ellen DeGeneres Show

  • Bruno Drops By The Ellen DeGeneres Show

    Bruno sits down with Ellen for a post Super Bowl interview and the two pull a hilarious prank on an unsuspecting nurse. 

    Check out the clips below: 

    Posted by @thanhechelon
    February 11, 2014
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on February 11 2014

Bruno sits down with Ellen for a post Super Bowl interview and the two pull a hilarious prank on an unsuspecting nurse. 

Check out the clips below: 


Julie Woźniak's picture

Love it...

haru0322's picture

O-M-G!!!! This is hilarious!!! My stomach hurts so bad right now.... BRUNO, YOU are good. Good good good good good good good. YOU ARE GOOD :)

Nugrahani Annisa's picture

I can't stop laughing! You're so funny! Love it <3

Brunette's picture

Yes he is ! Don't you just LOVE a man with a sense of humor ? ( wink, wink ). Google the video, " Sour Cream and Onions, with Bruno Mars and Phillip Lawrence. It is FUNNY ! Also his video, " Whatta Man, Whatta Man " ! It is SEXY ! Heehee. I love it !

DianitaMars's picture

Hi bruno!!! You were fabulous!! I love it the way you are... you are honest,simply and so talent... But above all ... you are pure of heart and I love that about you

Brunette's picture

What a FAN_TABULOUS comment ! I agree whole-heartedly ! Bruno Mars is my idol forever !

BrunoMyImmortal's picture

Hi Bruno, you are truly gifted with exceptional talent :)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful songs to us, singing it with your gorgeous voice, I can listen to it all day, all night :) You're such an inspiration to so many aspiring people, as you kept trying and never gave up your dreams. Wishing you only the best in everything that you'll do. God bless you always with good health so you can make it to all your concerts and make your fans happy. We love you from Sydney down under! xoxoxox!

Brunette's picture

Did you attend his concerts in Sydney on March 10th or March 11th ? !

Brunette's picture

Google " Baby Begins His Day By Dancing To Bruno Mars " ! Bruno apparently Bruno INSPIRES all ages . . . babies to granndmas ! Well, at least THIS grandma loves Bruno Mars ! He is my new idol ! Ye - ah ! He was born to sing and entertain, and his mother said she knew from the day that he was born, that he was special ! At age 6, he sang a " tribute " song to his mother, " I Love You Mom ", and this is a line from that song, ". . . my mommy helps me with my voice, cause a super-star singer is my first choice. I love you mom, you are my favorite girl. I love you mom, you'll ALWAYS be my favorite girl." ! I hope that he does a re-make of that song in time for Mother's Day ! You can google it to hear the entire song. By the way, also google " Steve Pool Interviews 6 Year Old Bruno ", it also includes his parents and siblings. NICE !

Brunette's picture

ATTENTION . . . Bruno Mars' SOLD OUT concert in Brisbane on March 7, 2014 was cancelled because he is sick ! Get well soon Bruno ! The concert is rescheduled for March 13th.

Brunette's picture

Guess what ! Bruno Mars is lending his voice in the animated movie ( cartoon ) called " Rio 2 ", and he sings a ballad, called " Welcome Back " to his love ! The family movie opens on April 11,2014, and the entire family can attend, so be there or be SQUARE ! Heehee. You can google " Bruno Mars sings in Rio 2 ", to see and hear a clip of him playing a romantic " bird " named Roberto. Heehee.

Brunette's picture

ATTENTION . . . . It is time for a " video " for Bruno Mars' song, " If I Knew " ! At the moment there is only an audio version on You Tube. That video needs some DRAMA ! Heehee.

astuds's picture

I first watched this February 13 and I watched it again tonight. This is so funny and so is he. He has a great sense of humor and that's a plus 1 on why I love him so much! He is just so amazing!

songbird43's picture

Bruno, I loved the skit. OMG!! You are so talented and cute! Please keep up the "good" work, as you are very inspiring and motivational. You make my heart smile.

Brunette's picture

I know - w - w - w the feeling ! Bruno Mars' music put some pep in my old step ! Heehee.

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laurance Cathyryn Grona's picture

Bruno Mars Has a Sense Of humor That Why Ilove Him Very Much

Brunette's picture

The Scriptures say that LAUGHTER is good for the soul, therefore Bruno Mars is likewise ! He certainly perks up my soul !

selene stampa's picture

What he said was Wonderful.I love him so much!!!

Brunette's picture

All of Bruno Mars' fans LOVE him ! I certinly do ! Bruno Mars is my idol until I die.

wilka cardoso da silva's picture

Parabéns Bruno pelo talento, q vc continue sempre levando sua alegria por todo o munto.

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Brunette's picture

I smell an OSCAR in Bruno Mars' future ! Um - hum !

amymars's picture

hahahaa this is the best ! lol tears were rolling down my face =')
how did he hold it to get her lol!!!!!!!!!

MariamJoseph's picture

i love bruno alot....but it seems i live at the end of the world(africa) i would hav loved to know more abt ma best singer but its so u alot bruno

Brunette's picture

You can google him or read the many biographies on him, like Wikipedia, etc. ! Since his Super Bowl performance, there have been many articles about him. You can also google Young Bruno Mars, to see him perform as an Elvis impersonator ! Bruno Mars has been singing since he was 2 years old, and he has been performing professionally since he was 4 years old ! Google " Steve Pool interviews 6 year old Bruno ". His parents and siblings are included in the video ! Unlike Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars was loved and he had a happy childhood !

AddictedToMars☺'s picture

that was so funny :)

GorillaHeavenGirl's picture

I watched the sketch with the nurse and I was in hysterics. I had tears rolling down my face. I love Bruno mars xxx

Lisa.Leblanc.Valia's picture

I died of laugh when I saw that x)"You are good, good good good good good" x)

Brunette's picture

Yes, Bruno Mars certainly knows something about being " GOOD ", so that is how he was able to say it numerous times ! Bruno Mars is Great - t- t - t - t ! PHENOMANAL ! My IDOL forever !