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Bruno Mars Exclusive Live Concert in Las Vegas!

  • Bruno Mars Exclusive Live Concert in Las Vegas!

    RSVP to see Bruno perform in Las Vegas for FREE! Click here or the flyer above for more info!

    Posted by Busy
    September 15, 2010

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Busy's picture
on September 15 2010

RSVP to see Bruno perform in Las Vegas for FREE! Click here or the flyer above for more info!


chubbymarco123's picture

dude,bruno :)) when are you coming to the philippines??

iluvbruno22's picture

i love you Bruno Mars..Just the way you are! Keep ur head up! :)

cLaRa_13's picture

Love and support brother. Stay ABOVE the waters and you will go sooooo far. I read this quote the other day online, "God may have took Michael Jackson but He gave us Bruno Mars". WOW! I love Michael Jackson. He had awesome gifts and so do you and the world has only begun to open them. From one of your early fans, (back in the Kings King shows days and wherever else we could catch you.Lol) God Bless you Peter. Love you man :)

msjoannarn's picture

I guess I was wrong to expect more from you. Please don't go the way of 99% in Hollywood right now if you don't want to lose your fans and be a one-hit wonder. I wish you all the best.'s picture

Please tell me that the news out of Las Vegas isn't true? Please!!!

kekevernye's picture

I kno that you're really busy right about now, but it would be great if you came to Atlanta! lolz

immafind's picture

; /

crv12's picture

i'll see you in vegas Bruno Mars! im super excited.

crv12's picture

is the event closed already? my friends and i want to drive up to Vegas tomorrow. please anyone know???

Queenie_2's picture

My husband dedicated the song from Bruno Mars "Just the way you are" to me. I love the song and it is very beautiful.

Thaneeyam's picture

When did you come to Thailand? I want to see your concert, at least one time in my life. ^0^

snikie's picture

sucks! i can't go to vegas on Saturday but will surely be at the Grove tomorrow to see Bruno Mars!

Alysia.'s picture

If I could afford it I would be flying over there to see it!!!!!
Unfortunately I live in rainy England!
Please come to England soon :)

Mema23's picture

I just happen to be going to Vegas this weekend. Too COOL and I will be at the Hard Rock on Sat. night!

Laura Harris's picture

For the hundredth times, I beg you... PLEASE DO COME TO INDONESIA. I can't wait to see your awesomeness.

BIGGEST FAN's picture

come back to ny!! i cant wait to hear u on z100...already marked my calendar at work!

tiffanyv's picture

I WISH I could go!!! Come to Spokane, WA...we'd love to see you!