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    Check out Bruno Mars’ “MAN OF STYLE” feature in the February issue of INSTYLE. Click the image above for a sneak preview now.

    January 07, 2013

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Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on January 07 2013


Check out Bruno Mars’ “MAN OF STYLE” feature in the February issue of INSTYLE. Click the image above for a sneak preview now.

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trelihgsolr's picture

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Rodene's picture

great blog! keep up the great work!
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Mandy_18's picture

Extrêmement beau !!

Mandy_18's picture

Vivement dans 213 jours Paris Bercy, l'une des premières chanceuses à avoir les billets :D

tiger1975's picture

You are a beautiful man.

gldeniz's picture

come to turkey / istanbul

samar khalil's picture

need concert here in Egypt

Hernandez1313's picture

so cute!!!!!!

chrisshanti's picture

Bruno, come to Indonesia concert please!!!

Maree Currin's picture

I Have This Mag! He Is Beautiful

Xx Melanie xx's picture

Sex god! X

ayka_i's picture

pls come to Baku... <3 waiting for you..

Bubblybug's picture

Seeeexxxxxaaaayyyyyyyyy! i love this man.

Marysia's picture

Bruno, don't play a model! START TOURING !!! Miss your voice... and you life... P.S. Yes, you look great

TomishaTaylor's picture

soo cute <33

Miranda_itsreal's picture

Calling 1-800-HOT-FUDGE from Miranda Gil Music at #LetsWorkTogether

B.G.M's picture

This is amazing! I Love Bruno!

AdilmaRibeiroRibeiro's picture

Simply Amazing.......I love your style.

J-flo's picture


shanise's picture

so happy. when are we going to see the tour dates, can't wait u should come to Rochester NY.

Ruth97's picture

Bruno,come to Spain to Madrid,please!!!!!

Sofings's picture

I love you so much so when you are sad, i am sad when you're happy i am happy!!! <3<3<3

Pleas come to Norway Bruno!! <3<3<3

moonshine1's picture

Have to get it, He's looking great als always!

PaigeTheRage7's picture

Must. Get. This. Bruno deserves this. He's a total BA when it comes to style ;*

Natalie Gray's picture

I'm not surprised ;) Congrats Bruno! <3

AmandaB's picture

They forgot the "Da". as in "Da Man of Style". Ha! U lookin' good Bruno! Bring it to me!

taingiraibuuch's picture

nice, very nice :D always nice <3

Iiuzmanii Hhdeez Mancilla's picture

Visit Mexico,Love you.