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Bruno Mars Nominated for an Emmy Award!

  • Bruno Mars Nominated for an Emmy Award!

    Bruno has been nominated for his first Emmy Award for his Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show Performance in the Oustanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program category! 

    Posted by JennaRose
    July 10, 2014
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on July 10 2014

Bruno has been nominated for his first Emmy Award for his Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show Performance in the Oustanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program category! 


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Congratulations on your Emmy Nomination and Happy Birthday!!!

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hi idol.. you deserve those things.. we fans are so proud of you.. and im dying to see you soon brother.. can u have a concert here in philippines.. hehehe .. may god bless u more..

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Ne laissez pas les termes "faux" ou " replique montre " vous trompent en contemplant que ces sortes de montres ne sont pas faites avec une grande précision et de bonne qualité.

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HELLO ! I am back - k - k - k ! I have not read these comments since July 10th ! I missed you all. It is not fun getting OLD ! I have read ALL of the comments below, and they are refreshing. Some of you say that Bruno is from MARS, but I say he landed on earth and turned it into " Venus " . . . a place of LOVE ! He certainly is my ELIXIR ! Heehee. For real !

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Hayy que hermoso*-*Muero!

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peter maybe do not check this message but please only ask you vaz or you can come to Ecuador. Greetings

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wanna give ur heart a breask!!!!!

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wonderful . awesome !!!!

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His performance was totally perfect!!♡♡ Thanks Bruno!!! you're the best!

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Bruno Mars is the BEST.....EVER. ♡♡♡

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P.S. :
Bang bang! , like Gorilla....... ooohh...
I am really a proud number 1 fan of you My Bruno Mars. :D

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I bet in Bruno Mars' eyes we ALL are his number one fans !

lealovesBrunoMars's picture

I, as a fan, am VERY PROUD of you my Bruno Mars. I love you so much. I REALLY DO. I really hope and pray for a CHANCE to meet you, I wish I get a chance to show you I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN. Aylabyu....... mwah! :D

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Congrats Geneus!! Lucky!!! live love dream!! <3

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** Genius

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luv you bruno, your concert was amazing can't wait so see you again live.

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I love you Bruno mars! probably your biggest fan! I'm very happy for this!

Brunette's picture

Probably ? I beg to differ ! No you are not Bruno Mars' number one fan !

MariaaMars's picture

You deserved it! You're the best, you really make me feel you number 1 of your fans!

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Hell to the motherfreaking YEAH :D

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cOngrats brunO....insa-allah yOu will be awarded...

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Congrats Bruno!! I am your number one fan in Albany, NY!!! I was so sad when Fly 92 did not choose my poster to get front row seats. We came in 2nd place. Someday I am going to meet you I am determined.. you are such an inspirational singer and an amazing performer and have the best band ever. Love you guys!!!

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Number one in Albany, N.Y. ? Well, I say that I am his number one fan in ALL of the entire world ! Yes - s - s - s I am !

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congrats bruno....hope you come to africa some day

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A LETTER TO BRUNO: Someday, somewhere,I'll find you. I don't care how long it takes for this to happen.I'll be waiting for you,because I feel we have a very strong spiritual connection. One day, we'll be together in a spaceship, toward the planet MARS, the place where we came from. You continue composing beautiful songs of love,friendship, hope and other true feelings that are in your soul artist. When it's time to get back, inside of your bag, will be the solution to all the problems of humanity: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. His songs will be heard on radio all the PLANET, as JUST THE WAY YOU ARE in SUPER BOWL. Hearts will be transformed by the magic of music and PEACE finally reign on EARTH forever. This is my way of showing how I fell about this great artist. LOVE YOU!!!!!

Brunette's picture

" . . . how I fell . . . " ? It is " feel " ! Geesh !

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Sos un gran artista, te mereces todo!

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We fans are so proud of you and the band!!! Congrats! I wonder what the "doubters" have to say now. The best Super Bowl half-time performance that I have seen since Michael Jackson. Nothing else in between can compare. You guys work so hard and you surely deserve to win. Please take care of yourselves. Stay safe.

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Congrats!!You deserved it!!