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Bruno Mars Performing @ 2010 MTV VMAs Tonight!

  • Bruno Mars Performing @ 2010 MTV VMAs Tonight!

    Don't miss Bruno performing LIVE tonight at 9/8c on MTV's VMAs! History will be made!

    Posted by Busy
    September 12, 2010

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Busy's picture
on September 12 2010

Don't miss Bruno performing LIVE tonight at 9/8c on MTV's VMAs! History will be made!


glad-eye's picture

i wish i kuld see wuld be dah world to me.i love him!hes amazin' jst dah way he is!he will rock dah nxt VMA's.lov's

Yasmine Luyindula's picture

amooor *-------------------*

iluvchuB's picture

Even though you went on for a very short time i rewinded and relistened to your part a million times. My friends got annoyed, but you're totally worth it. I love how you sing from your heart. You have a beautiful voice, and you made so many girls fall in love wih you. When I first heard "Just The Way You Are", I totally fell in love with your voice! Keep rocking, and I know you will rule the next VMAs!
Your BIGGEST fan/ future girlfriend!

ohshootiloveit's picture

I saw him performing at UB two nights ago. This man is amazing and so is his band. They put on an awesome show like true musicians do! No one around me knew who he was or what he sang other than JTWYA. I was the only one singing along to the whole set, but by the end people were asking me all about him. AHHH Bruno, people can't help but to love you!

marjan's picture

keep on rocking baby, you are amazing! Love from Amsterdam!!

immafind's picture

i watched it

Lari's picture

aaaaaah eu te amo Bruno Mars *--------------------*

yolie_3's picture

You need to come to Boise Idaho!

Daniele Damasio's picture

Bruno você é tudo de bom!!
Love you!!

you biggest fan

missDlovesBruno's picture


missDlovesBruno's picture

cool... i want u bruno to sing here in the phil

SweetBbebe's picture

Wow I Agree With Everyone!!! You Have Such An Amazing Voice Live... No One Like You... Can't Wait For More Bruno Mars!!! You Have Barely Begun This Journey.... "Love The Way You Are"

lizzylynch007's picture

I'm not a big fan of new artists these days but I must say that Bruno is an AMAZING vocalist!! Such awesome talent and he sounds even better Live... that's hard to find!

Queenie_3's picture

You are awsome and very talented artist. I'll be waiting for next year's VMA's and I know you will be performing your own hit song "Just the way you are" awwww!

Nany Ruthes's picture

Lindo - Amoooooooooooooooo!!

cLaRa_13's picture

Awesomeness!!! I was so excited to see you shine last night. Loved that you had your hat sitting on the piano. Next year you will be accepting your well earned awards. God bless you Bruno. xoxox,Clara (one of the many early fans) :)

Sanny Vonde's picture

I wanted very much to have gone *.* Still ... one day I will *.* (Why do not you come to Brazil?) You have fans here! XXX

OlivialovesB's picture

i've missed this :'( gosh.
i hope ou will post a video soon! :)

love, Olivia from Belgium


Iqra Idrees's picture

Bruno you did AMAZING as usual I LOVE SOO MUCH... You should have had a longer time on stage but thats ok you are going to be huge ( even more than you already are) and have your own time to shine. I support you and respect you and I love your music and your talent TRUELY AWESOME. Hope to see more of you in the future you are making history!

you biggest fan

julia_31's picture


Zrezidentz's picture

Yea, definatley wanted a longer spot light on Bruno. Was hopin to C Travie & Bruno on stage, but what happened? No Travie huh? Atleast Bruno made an appearance tho. Nice SOLO/intro for B.O.B.!!! GREAT JOB BRUNO!!!!!! Koo Doo 2, rockin without the cap huh? Nice.

Rosemari's picture

ugh i waited 4 so long 2 see ur performance n i have 2 agree with everyone else that they should have given u a longer time because ur sooo freakin amazing!!!

nicolec724's picture

Bruno, you looked incredible! They should have given you longer time, but you know what, you are going to have your time to really shine (even though you're shining now)! Your performance was the only one I was looking forward to see. Just wanted you to know that. :)

Ladii Genovese's picture

I was very eager to see you perform, that song means alot to me and I was very disappointed that you did not perform the whole song.....I hope if you come to NYC I will be able to see a better performance from you :)

albert_8's picture

Bruno, you definitely should have performed for a longer period of time
No worries though, once the album drops you will have your time in the spotlight. I can't wait to see bigger performances from you.
Much love and respect for you.

Shaunna's picture

His voice is perfection! I wish he was up there longer!

mirahcee's picture

that was lacking...although i'm glad he performed on a stage like that. but still, it sucks he wasn't up there longer.

volleyballguru10's picture


volleyballguru10's picture

i am sitting here waaaiting in front of the TV watching the VMA's just to see bruno mars. I WANT BRUNO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Harris's picture

Uuu he's soooooooooo fine. Can't wait to see it in youtube. 'Coz they're not playing it in Indonesia and I don't have cable tv. And ohhh I finally got your Doo-Wops & Hooligans bundle (yeah I know I'm extremely late), but I finally managed to ask my friend in SG to order it for me. Since you don't have the license in Indonesia... ILYSM, Bruno!