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Bruno Mars Tiny Chat Room Live!

  • Bruno Mars Tiny Chat Room Live!

    Hey everyone,

    We recently added a video chat room via Tiny Chat to the site. The chat is under Community on the navigation bar.

    Check it out and start a conversation. You never know what Hooligan will pop up!

    Visit the room now!

    Posted by @thanhechelon
    March 09, 2011

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Thanh_2's picture
on March 09 2011

Hey everyone,

We recently added a video chat room via Tiny Chat to the site. The chat is under Community on the navigation bar.

Check it out and start a conversation. You never know what Hooligan will pop up!

Visit the room now!


MalouloveMars's picture

Keep safe and have enough sleep Bruno and tirey schedule this year but you are all awesome and amazing!

NicholeGates's picture

omg you are my biggest bruno mars fever i heart u

ILOVEBRUNOMARS----'s picture


alexbahao's picture

Great post I found it really interesting. It reminds me of something someone was chatting about online. There's a lot of topics around the internet that I find people talking about in their chat rooms.

MelissaFigueroa's picture

love it

SalmaSalma's picture

nice music

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nittany22's picture

Hey Bruno Mars can I please talk to you. I want to tell you something that makes me depress, I'll tell you a little about it now. I'm not able to go to concerts because of my hearing and I'll tell you more if we could talk. Thanks! :D <3

aisт&#039;еB.M.'s picture

Bruno Mars, you are always welcome in Lithuania. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase, come to Lithuanian!
With big love and hope, Bruno Mars(you) fan.

SurajAdhikari's picture

wass up man u arenot online

Anonymous's picture

hello Bruno Mars when can you come to long beach ny

619meli's picture

dont forget denver colorado baby

619meli's picture

i knew you smokes but i dont know if you stoped but i hope you stops becuase it can ruin his career bruno i am a brunista and i love u just quit smoking it is runing ur life and think of ur fans if u cant sing bruno well peter gene hernadez we all love u speacialy me i am a 11 year old who loves you and i look up to u to be a singer just like u just no the smoking part but just lisen to me dont crush my dreams please i love u dont crush r dreams i have a hard life here in denver colorado but i can still liesen to u my name is melissa chavez i look up to u i love u if you come to denver coloado just let me know i am 619meli here ok i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lucy_25's picture

i love you so so much my dear:)

aribimbambum's picture

Brunitoo!!Don't forget Spain, for exemple...Barcelona!! :P see you by youtube its exciting but I can't imagine in live!!!come on!!We want to give you all the affection as a great artist!!

Tyra Yaya's picture

Hi bruno mars (:

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bruno mars com's picture

hey bruno

Jamesmars_3's picture


I will help you

1. Before his solocareer he played with other artist
and now he is working at his own music
2. He lives in L.A.
3. I don't know where he was playing his first concert
4. He comes from Hawai
5. He started in 2007
6. His real name is Peter Hernandez
7. He likes making music en he likes to sing
8. Till now he has made one album
9. He write his own songs sometimes with other artist
10. And now he is working at his second album.

I hope you have enough information and a lot of succes with your project

brunoloversmz's picture

Hello everybody,
I have a question because we are from Holland, and we have a project about Bruno Mars and we have to chat with a fan of Bruno Mars so who can help us with this project??
Can you answer us question soon as possible.

1 How did Bruno mars started?

2 Where does Bruno Mars live?

3 Where was his first concert?

4 How long is he performing?

5 Where does he come from?

6 What is his real name?

7 What does he like about his work?

8 How many albums did he made?

9 Does he write his own songs?

10 What is he doing on this moment?

diananyc123's picture

i love u i no u no that but what ever u made i got my room is fool of u peter i love u mars starssss

ilovebrunomorethanyou's picture

When are you coming to columbus ohio (:

Lee So Min's picture

Heej Bruno Mars..!
I know that you I know you already had come to Denmark, but i'm so stupid, because i didn't got those tickets..! AIISH! BUT PLEASE COME AGAIN SOME DAY!
I'm an idiot, by the way I LOVE YOU BRUNO MARS!

Bruna Chaves's picture

Bruno Mars ,come to Brazil pleeeeeeease !

-runaway-'s picture

Bruno Mars , come in estonia please !!!!!!

cook's picture

hi i am james. i wantd to know how much it would cost to have bruno mars come sing at my wedding. My girlfriend has cancer and just got transpant today. So far everthing is going ok. i leave soon to go to afgan agian. we want to do the wedding after i come home. i ant her to remember this day forever no matter how short life maybe for her. if someone could e mail me back and let me know what i need to do and ho much this will cost me it would be great.thank you...

Cory_4's picture

You guys always seem to have a great time. Having said that who's the biggest prankster and what do you think was the best pranked played and on who?

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jakeman's picture grenade dubstep mix by the jakeman

dada_5's picture

i feel bad :( ..i cant connect to the chat room :( ..i've been trying to connect for how many days there something wrong?..i need ur help.. thanks in advance