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Bruno Mars Wins Best Pop Vocal Album!

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Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on January 27 2014

In case you missed it last night, check out this video of Bruno accepting his Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album!


titin syalindri's picture

u are AWESOME !!!!!

KeilaLima's picture

bruno mars fica tao gato de terno

KateLaðrillønø's picture

I'm proud of him :) whoohoo!!! :D \^.^\ /^.^/ That's amazing!

Serita Victoria's picture

Congratulation :)

AilaAbrego's picture

merph hes so cute

destinymichelle's picture

I was taking screen shots of the tv so I could be the first to post a pic of you accepting your award! Lol I'm such a dork but I think my pic I posted was very similar to this. I love screen shots that's why I don't need my camera at the show,.
We can use yours for a couple selfies?
Circle one

Maris72's picture

I'm sure I just started the awards for your work =) Many successes more await you! Blessings =)

Brunette's picture

NEWS FLASH ! Bruno Mars is going to be on the ELLEN show on February 10, 2014 !

Heaz Rha'el's picture

many more awards awaits bruno mars.......... soo proud of my mentor

JoannaCoriat13's picture

I'm so proud to be hooligan <3 Bruno Mars you are the best :)

RiezkaNadya's picture


Mariale's picture

you deserve this award and many more i love you <3

EliHooli's picture

I'm so happy for him *-* Even if I think that he obviously deserved to win more Grammys... And when the words he said for his mother were so damn sweet :')

Brunette's picture

Yes they were sweet, as was his words, " I love you Jessica ! ". ( wink, wink ).

Brunette's picture

Yes indeed ! Bruno Mars deserved to win every catergory for which he was nominated !

AnsuiffatAboubacar's picture

I'm so happy for you Bruno <33

DiaanaaBM's picture

Bruno, eres el mejor♡

AlyHernandez_'s picture

Oh great. I was forced against my will to take a shower during this moment ..but of course he did !! Pshh , duh.

CarrieSitarski's picture

Congrats Bruno, ur Cd has been in my player for well over a year now!! Excellent job

Brunette's picture

Did you mean CD or CDs ? I have both of his CDs ! I hope he has a new one in 2015 !

selene stampa's picture

Bruno Mars disappointed his fans by not thanking them in his acceptance speech at the Grammy's and by saying he loves that model his fans can't stand. He lost the admiration of many.

Brunette's picture

No he didn't ! I loved how he paid respect by saying, " I love you Jessica ! ". He put to rest the rumors that he still cares for Rita Oro and Chanel Malvar. NOT ! ! A real Bruno Mars fan KNOWS that he loves his fans in an AGAPE kind of way, but he has EROS love for Jessica Caban. Good for him, and I hope to see a " little " Bruno Mars real soon !

Brunette's picture

Bruno Mars should have won ALL of the catergories for which he was nominated ! He got cheated AGAIN, just like in 2011 ! Hmph !

Hine's picture

Congrats on your win Bruno

URaTru3Tal3nt's picture

Congratulations, Bruno! Very happy for you. That was a very sweet and appropriate dedication to your Mom. My ears thought that you should have won Best Pop Solo Performance. Anyway, Good luck to you and the band at the Super Bowl! Have fun! We will be watching!

rcirose's picture

Congratulations! Come back to London please....

BrunaBR's picture

Brazilian hooligans love you

BrunaBR's picture

Brunito COME TO BRAZIL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DaaniiAndradee's picture

Debió haber ganado todos os premios, el es el mejor del mundo! <3

amymars's picture

lol he killed it xoxo his girlfriend is amaze jessica so sweet what he said bout his mom x