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Bruno Meets Adele in Holland.

  • Bruno Meets Adele in Holland.

    While in Holland today, Bruno met Adele. Check out the pic above!

    Posted by Busy
    January 21, 2011

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Busy's picture
on January 21 2011

While in Holland today, Bruno met Adele. Check out the pic above!


ßαнαґ's picture

i love both of them♥

Cathy_5's picture

BRUNO so HOT! lol

konwalia's picture


DC's picture

yes why don't you come to Belgium ?? xd

Dounia_4's picture

WHY , don't you come in BELGIUM ?????? :O :O :O WHY? !!!

ngalabiz_2's picture

you both would make a great duet together.

act4me2011's picture

That's my mother's name lol

msbrunomars4eva's picture

She is like super lucky to meet him I have like no money to ever go to a concert in my life well I congragulate her

brunolove123's picture

oooo cutiee

lizette_2's picture

omg bruno mars is so sexy

kirsten_5's picture

She is butifull and Bruno you are BANGTIDY :D

Klove559's picture

this kid singing "Grenade" is soo cute!!

karin_kordon's picture

Bruno looks so small! Like always I guess... :P Anyway, wonderful picture. I love both of them!

miguel123's picture

she is so loucky i wish tht was me but i live in salisbury maryland celeb dnt go there :'(

amy_42's picture

so jealous! she's got the sickest voice ever. do a cover of rolling in the deep!

Bruno-Mars-Girl-241's picture

They were also both at Schlag den Raab...but Deaon won too early and therefore could adele not to arise.

PrtyPr2's picture

My two top FAVORITE artists just met each other?! You know what that means.... with the two of your ridiculous voices i DEMAND you to collaborate! And then come straight to Austin, Tx! DO IT DO IT DO IT!

biggie18's picture

Dammit If I had known i could have (most likely) watched this on tv yestardaynight.
I asuming we can get the chanel in Belgium too... uuuuhhh i hate myself right now.
OR......Bruno......darling......just come to Belgium!!!!!

isabel_10's picture

two great voices!!!

BrunoMars1990's picture

Peter your soooooooo cute!!!

AlissaPolly's picture

They were awesome in The voice of Holland!!!

iMchael's picture

Live at the finals of "The Voice Of Holland"! He did great:

xkitaxcx's picture

Defiently do a song together.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

xkitaxcx's picture

AHH! My two favoruite singers met! Asif. I'm dieing... :O

Gianii's picture

Cutieeeees, and very good singers!


crazy_luve's picture

Bruno you've been a busy boy!!!!

Marlena_2's picture


Iztac Metztli's picture

I'm surprised the universe didn't explode. I mean really, how much talent can you put in one room before all the laws of physics collapse?

alike9's picture

Dang i wish i could have met him! If i ever met Bruno Mars i wouldnt be like my cosin who passed out like an idiot when she saw him backstage once!!!!!!!!!LOL

NatyColombia's picture

mi two favorites singers ever!!!
los you guys!