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Flaunt Cover Story

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on January 09 2013

Check out Bruno's cover story on Flaunt Magazine!


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MY MAN!!!!!

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Very Sexy!!! I love you Bruno!!!

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booyaaaah... that´s hot!!!

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i love you !!!!! you are so sexy :)

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Ok, finally got my hands on this magazine from a newstand in L.A.(I live in VA)...the magazine itself did not return calls or e-mails, and their site is not functioning properly. FIRST...the interview reads more like a book report with an entire page of footnotes. The rest is mostly the interviewer's opinion with little commentary from Bruno...the reason I tracked down this magazine was it was advertised as "Bruno talks about everything and anything". The pics are fabulous, but are all here for us to see. Dont waste your time with the actual magazine. It is geared toward the artsy fartsy, fashion glam crowd and the interviewer seemed a little snotty and didnt seem to get Bruno's sense of humor.

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this guy is somethin

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Simply... He's the BEST<3

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Oh and the cover shot is my favorite , love the belt (too fly)!! sexy too! :]

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Brunz best photo shoot so far , its got a dope Donnie Brasco/NY gangsta type of style/vibe !! Love the shots & what a gorgeous model (pulling the trigger)!! :]

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Well, pictures ummm well I guess if I was able to read the text found in the article it would make more sense... As usual you look fantastic, and sound amazing (sound doesn't come though on the images) anyway you can enlarge the text found on this article...?

Tour to Toronto on the way... hint hint... nudge nudge...

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DAMN BOII WHATS YO NUMBER THO!! lol <3 and Yu do look tired? and skinnier? 0.0

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so sexy...

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love you bruno.....;)

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Where can I get a copy of Flaunt Mag in Washington, DC?

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OMG!!!! SEXY!!!! ILOVE BRUNO MARS <3 <3 <3

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omfg your so fucking sexy <3 id "show you" we can make lovve like "gorillas"

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Your amazing! <3 Love you Bruno!!!

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looks so handsome in the photos, love him♥

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can't read!
but bruno is so cool!

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omg so awesome by the time i can be with u ull be 32 but im willing to wait unless..... its like rkelly and aaliyah but ur music actually saved me my story is that when i was 7 i watched my mother be murdered with my siblings i know its probably weird setting it here but..... im doin it anyways but to continue my story a few years of hell i hated it people had started picking on me at the age of 9 i was terrified of wat was going on and i couldnt ask for help thats wen i stumbled across u on youtube then i felt like i could get through anything then i kinda gave up on ur music after a few songs i lyked some1 else i felt like leaving the world once again but then i heard u on the radio and fell to my knees like i was thanking god bcuz i luhved it it made me feel like i could be my best and do everything i dont think i could live without ur music thank you
and ur the most beautiful man in the world i luhv you =^.^=-Dasia M Jenkins