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Forbes 30 Under 30

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Thanh_2's picture
on January 06 2014

Check out Bruno featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 List!


tiger1975's picture

Bruno I love you!!!!!!!

CarolAlmeida's picture

Bruno love you, until my 2 year old daughter also so passionate about this; Whatever your party theme with 3 year olds Bruno Mars

DianitaMars's picture

"I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine... congratulations bruno you dream come true!!! I love you!!!

Brunette's picture

It seems that Bruno Mars was mentioned inside the Forbes Magazine in an article " 30 of 30 ", not on the COVER of that magazine ! Not to worry, because he WIIL make the cover real soon !

Brunette's picture

NEWS FLASH ! Bruno Mars is going to be on the ELLEN show on Monday, February 10, 2014 !

Heaz Rha'el's picture

Bruno is a guy that run after his dreams and makes sure he achieves it....... have you forgotten he said he'd on Forbes magazine???............ my mentor is sooo awesome

Brunette's picture

He was inside Forbes Magazine, in an article " 30 of 30 ", not yet on the cover with Oprah and the QUEEN ! He wants that to happen, after he becomes a BILLIONAIRE ! Remember ? Well, he will reach that status very soon !

rcirose's picture

Because your music is pure and passionate. People of all ages can relate to it. That's what makes you special. Love you Brunz!

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HENNIAH's picture

Tokyo Concert- Need for tickets for my wife!! Help!!!

APmexicangirl's picture

OMG you are on Forbes baby!!! Under 30 men!! We must celebrate `cause that happen when persons do magic with music... What comes next?

Tyasia's picture

Awwwww he did it. He finally made it on the cover of FORBES magazine!!! CONGRATULATIONS BRUNO!!! You so deserve it!!! ^_^

alvinasabandy's picture

remember your lyrics : "I wanna be on the cover of FORBES Magazine"
see.... Now u're in Forbes' 30 Under 30 List!
Your song is come true

dgorgo's picture

Congratulations, Bruno. You deserve this honor. You work very hard. Your fans all love you and think you are the best entertainer out there.

Quayjayy's picture

its funny bcuz in billionaire he said he wanted to be in Forbes magazine and now he is ....success my son

BMmania2's picture

Cool Bruno ^_^

Hine's picture

Cool Congrats Bruno

Mimi_Mars16's picture

Awwww my boy made it... Love you Bruno.

sonja.99's picture

oh yeah... SOO HAPPY!! Congratulations!!!!!

amymars's picture

yay we new u could do it =) xoxoxoxoxo u totally deserve it lol "i wanna be on the cover of forbes magazine smiling next to opera and da queen" u did it !!! love ya

slumdrum's picture

Well your're on the cover of Forbes Magazine,next step Billionaire. Kidd was right you are gonna be so freaking famous, and you so deserve it. Love you Bruno

Brunette's picture

He's FINE so fine ! TREASURE ! Let us treasure HIM ! Heehee. I am so - o - o happy that his POMPADOUR hairstyle is BACK ! I guess it is easier to maintain during the winter ! I can hardly wait until Super Bowl Sunday ( half-time show by Bruno Mars ! ), and I hope to see him in concert again this summer ! I saw him TWICE last summer! Yes indeed, I love Bruno Mars,and he is my new idol ( my old idol, JB, died in 2006 ) !

AndreiaCardosoRocha's picture

Eu amo muito esse artista maravilhosos..quero ir no seu show...vem pro brasil..vem me conhecer Bruno Mars..sou sua fã.

EliHooli's picture

"I wanna be on the cover of Forbes Magazine..." well, there you are Bruno!! I'm so proud of him <3