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Gorilla Music Video Teaser #1

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on October 11 2013

Here is a sneak peak at the #GorillaMusicVideo! Make sure to tune in to on October 14th to see the new video!



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ughhhh!!!!!!!! come on bruno bring it out fyi i love this video haha

JulianaRibeiro's picture

eu amei esse clip

Brunette's picture

Now -w -w That was truly a TEASE ! Hmph !

draiz's picture

Thank you Bruno...I admire your talent and expression in music and this video kicks ass!

v_osorio's picture

can't wait!!!

Brunette's picture

GOOD things come to those who WAIT ! It is SMOKING !

sadeharris01's picture

I am so excited.... cant wait to see the video. It was awesome in concert!!!!!!

maddox1213's picture

Cant say I have ever looked forward to a Monday considering its back to work kind of day but cant wait until tomorrow Monday, October 14th @ 3pm EST :)#GORILLA

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Holding in this excitement is torture!

caremarsal8's picture

Bruno, your teasing is driving me Mars crazy! Can't wait!!!! I truly believe that the 14th is going to have a wild amount of Gorilla bang bang!!!! :-)

Babyna's picture

*------------* Nunca esperei tanto por uma segunda ! ♥ Não vejo a horA !

nikymars's picture

ohh i'm so exited to see this video!! Gorilla is a fantastic song!! Bruno I love U so much!

kerrilovesbruno's picture

i really want to see this video omg bruno love u so much

VickyRicochet's picture

Oh my GOD! I am so friggin ready to see the video.


beautiful, very good imagine complet

lara81's picture

I'm so ready to see the Gorilla video. It's my all time favorite song by BM :)

Nivea Maria Correia's picture

Tão lindo e perfeito!Imagine o video completp... Muito bom!
So beautiful and perfect! Imagine the complete video ... Very good!

Unty Mare's picture

Heck yeah that was a sneak peak teaser!

lorac72's picture

Can't wait to see this next hit video!! Love the way you tease us and keep us in suspense!!!

ILoveYouBrunito's picture

I look forward to that Video Only look forward to that Video Only What I See!